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We saw last week that the word “Our” in the Lord’s prayer is a key word. Without it, the prayer would read give me, forgive me, lead me, deliver me. It would become our selfish requests. The very purpose of Jesus coming was to teach us to love the Lord and each other. Two worlds revolved around Our Father: The world of God and the family of man.

The second alignment with God in this prayer is “thy name.” E. Stanley Jones explains that the word “name” stands for the character in Scripture. I never knew that. To pray in the name of Jesus is to pray the kind of prayer Jesus would pray. It is the character of Jesus. This is what makes the prayer Christian.

“Hallowed be thy name,” means to be revered. So we are telling God that we revere Him before we would ever ask of anything of Him. So God comes first and we come next…as it should be. It also clarifies the next two items, “thy kingdom come and thy will be done.” The kingdom and will of God are not arbitrary. They are the very nature of God. Jones says, “A thing is not right because God says so; God says so because it is right.”

The laws and decrees of God are not arbitrary but the very nature of God; the very expression of his nature. They reveal God. You might want to say they are the heartbeat of God; which is a heartbeat of love for us. God’s kingdom is all that matters or should matter to us. Our loyalty must be totally to our God first and only.

Our churches have not followed this principle through the ages. In fact in all the creeds—Apostles’, the Athanasian, the Nicene – it is only mentioned once. The Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit are missing in much of Christianity.

Does Jesus’s kingdom come through you? How do you share this with your children? Is your legacy filled with God’s kingdom? Should it be? This may be the most important message you can give your children about life. God’s kingdom should live in each of us in everything that we do. If you find this challenging, ask God for the grace to understand and live His kingdom on earth.


Source: “The Way” by E. Stanley Jones



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