A Mother’s Unique Opportunity for Spiritual Maturity

But (women) shall be preserved through the bearing of children.”

I Timothy 2”15


What Timothy is saying here is saved through childbearing. It means to be delivered from self and it’s manifestations. One the greatest obstacles of seeing “true Life” is “self” and the propensity toward obsessing about how things affect you. A mother has a unique experience in that she might be self-centered before a birth, but in the instant the doctor lays a baby in her arms, her self-centeredness gives way to a focus on another through the baby’s complete dependence. The vitality and health of a baby depends on a mother moving away from self-centeredness.

I have seen in the churches I have attended over time that women seem to respond to the Gospel first. Why? I think because for many of them the only hindrance to Christ, self-centeredness, is taken away when they become mothers. Once self is removed, they can more easily be drawn to Jesus and thus find deliverance and Life.

This does not mean that women who have not had children cannot be saved from self-centeredness. I have never given birth to a child and I have every intention of being saved.

The point is that childbirth helps remove self-centeredness and it comes through pain and suffering. It is through death that we are saved. The deathblow of self; because of this death, we can have Life. Is the woman’s pain in childbirth bad? Yes, but seeing the face of a woman after the pain when she sees the child convinces me that it was worth it. Is any pain or disappointment or broken relationship really bad if it leads to Life? No.

Women will tell you that they felt like they were dying in childbirth. It is that painful. The kiwi plant of New Zealand must have a frost in order to bud and bear fruit and a later frost to force sugar into the fruit. When the weather does not thus cooperate, farmers will stress the plants to the point of death with a chemical in order to induce flowering and sugaring. It is the winter with its near-death experience that allows the kiwi to bear fruit.

We will not bear the fruit Jesus promises unless we go through near-death experiences of our own; whether that is a marriage that seems impossible to maintain, a child that tests our every fiber, a job that is stressful and distasteful or illnesses and pain. Winter under God’s supervision is not a bad thing, though that is the season in which the enemy will take advantage and seize his greatest opportunity; his activity, we should remember, is always overseen by God. God can turn what is meant for evil into good.

A fisherman whose fish is always fresh and sells his fish alive tells his secret. He keeps a catfish, a natural predator of the other fish, in the bottom of the tank to make the fish alert and active with their eyes on the enemy.

Whether it is a near death experience or the pains of life, God’s intent is clear. Look to Him for everything and you will have Life. Teach that to your children through example and you will bear children of the cross!


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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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