A Legacy of Love

For weeks I have been sharing about things that we need to release so that we can fully serve Jesus, such as worshiping idols, pride, etc. Today, I want to summarize the sixteen dead ends and then encourage you with God’s blessings. All of this is so that we can leave a legacy for our children that is dynamic and God-centered. Again, it is never too late to start on this road and to have an impact on your children. We have all made mistakes and frankly, God is looking for broken vessels to serve Him so we all qualify.

E. Stanley Jones has been my inspiration for this study and I turn to him for the summary.

  1. Have I surrendered that last lurking fear to Christ? Am I living by faith and confidence instead of by fear?
  2. Have I given my resentments over to God? Am I all out for the way of love for everybody?
  3. Have I left behind me all negativism and retreatism? Do I look to move forward?
  4. Have I given over to God all my inferiority complexes? Can I say that I am able?
  5. Have I given over to God myself, so that I am no longer a self-centered person?
  6. Am I going to try to correct others by trying to correct myself? Shall I let that be my criticism of others?
  7. Have I surrendered this touchy, oversensitive self to God, released from all oversensitivity?
  8. Have I offered to God my inward divisions, with no civil war anywhere?
  9. Have I broken the habit of indecision?
  10. Is my sex life wholly under God’s control?
  11. Have I surrendered completely and fully all use of narcotics? No more crutches!
  12. Have I given over to God all my material wealth to be used as God directs?
  13. Am I through with boredom, never saying again that I am bored since in Christ I am eternally alive and interested?
  14. If I can’t be perfect, am I willing to be imperfect, gladly willing to be imperfect, and gladly willing, since I can do all things for the love of God?
  15. Have I given over all jealous feelings, and do I henceforth rejoice in everybody’s success?
  16. And finally, have I been weaned from all idols, so that now I have gone beyond them to Christ and through Christ to God the Father?

This merely demonstrates all the weaknesses that each of us could be battling and it is only through the grace of God that you have a chance of winning the war. This is not an exhaustive list, but it covers a lot.

David in Psalm 12:1 asks God, Save, O Lord”. Such a simple prayer but I believe it applies to all the above circumstances.

Charles Sturgeon helps us to see clearly God’s promises:

 “’Save O Lord’ will suit us in living and dying…In Him our help is found; let us not be slow to cry to Him. The answer to prayer is certain, if it is sincerely offered through Jesus. The Lord’s character assures us that He will not leave His people…God’s gift of Jesus is a pledge of every good thing; and His sure promise stands, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’




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