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A Legacy with Eternal Impact…

Attorneys, financial planners and radio talk show hosts counsel us that the way to plan an effective legacy is to create trusts and use other tax savings methods to protect your wealth. In an age where pleasing our children, feeding our ego and building large estates are common place… and signs that you’ve made it, Joe Sturniolo calls us to a deeper, life-altering change in our perception of
Legacy/Estate planning.Christian-Family-Legacy-The-Masters-Plan

In this trail-blazing book Joe shows you how to create a God-centered Legacy Plan based on three necessary foundations

Shrewdness with our wealth by utilizing legal and ethical methods that compound and preserve money in order to fulfill a family’s God inspired vision for impact on the Kingdom.
A marriage that models Christ’s relationship with the church, and
Preparing children for their inheritance and training them to be God–centered, servant leaders. An impactful Kingdom Legacy is only possible with all three.
This is a book about transforming your family legacy – both today and in generations to come. It is for Christian families who want to eliminate estate and capital gains taxes, maintain their current lifestyle, pass on an appropriate inheritance to their heirs, maximize giving to worthy ministries, create healthier family relationships and leave a lasting legacy to impact God’s kingdom.

Your family can have greater joy, purpose, strengthened family relationships and fulfillment as you allow God to utilize your wealth and family to change the lives of others.

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