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How To Create A Legacy with Eternal Impact
…that will impact several generations

Jack, a successful business owner, was introduced to me through a friend.  After an intimate dinner together he revealed a deep need for restoration and a meaningful future for him and his family. When I first met Jack, he had lost hope of reconciliation with two of his three children, and the business which he had poured into for years was losing its luster and the excitement it once held.  He had an estate plan in place, but he struggled with what he had decided to leave his children, whose hands would he leave the business to?  He and his wife often disagreed about how to handle the children and their inheritance.  He had a strong faith in the Lord since he was a child, but many times made decisions about his money based on logic and reason…and wasn’t so sure about what God had to say about his wealth.

It was clear that Jack and his wife needed more than an estate plan.  What they needed was a clear path to restoration and a special future God had waiting for their entire family.  We started there.  Many hours were spent counseling Jack and his wife on what the Bible says about wealth: who owns it, what it’s purpose is, how it can be used to bring life to not only their family but the ends of the earth.  Once they were clear on all of those issues we dug deep into what they hoped for their marriage, their children and their children’s children.  They came up with several goals they wanted to accomplish in the years they had left and we spent hours in prayer and counseling creating a family meeting that would begin to open the doors to healing and hope for both the estranged children.

We created a “stress test” for what would happen if they changed nothing about the plan they currently had in place and then replaced it with a new plan that met all of their goals, and followed what they believed God was calling them to do with what he had entrusted to them.  Their new plan facilitated the growth of their children as much as they could (spiritually, relationally, emotionally & financially), and allowed for each one of them a place in the Family Legacy to use their unique gifts and qualifications to further the family mission… if they chose.

This was only the beginning stages of creating an impactful Christian Family Legacy (a process that takes years to implement), but Jack and his wife had new hope and excitement beyond measure and were working together toward a common result.

Most families with significant wealth or complicated estate issues have put an Estate Plan in place, but few have done the necessary work needed to ensure they have secured a lasting Christian Family Legacy.

What is the difference?

  • Have you determined what lifestyle God is calling you to and what He wants you to do with His wealth?
  • Are you going to pay ANY estate taxes?
  • Have you communicated all of the details of your plan clearly to your heirs and they support it?
  • Do your heirs share the same virtues as you and participate in implementing the giving plan the Lord has given to you?
  • Have you created a culture of the blessing in your family and put a plan in place to ensure it is nurtured and grows?
  • Have you quantified the maturity markers of your children in all areas? (spiritual, emotional, relational,financial)?
  • If a majority of the wealth is generated through a family business, do you know who will be involved and in what way going forward?  Have you quantified whether they are qualified for it? How have you arranged for the appropriate inheritance of those who are not going to be directly involved in the business once you are gone?

Kardia helps you make a difference—and to make that difference with your family. We believe God is calling your family to be strengthened and to become better stewards that can have real, lasting impact for Kingdom causes. Our services eliminate taxes legally by increasing your giving. Through our unique wealth planning process—we identify the strategies and methods that maximize your wealth and enable you to maintain your current lifestyle while experiencing greater purpose, joy and fulfillment. By being the family responsible for making a change for good in the lives of people you care most about—Kardia helps you plan and realize your family legacy that can change the world for God’s glory.

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We ended up multiplying our giving by more than 20x.
The outcome in our situation, with my wife and I, 
has been life changing.” 

—Dick Gyde

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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
Christian Family Legacy and Wealth Planning
Joe believes that stronger families are the vehicle God uses to bring about significant impact for His Kingdom.

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