What is Christian Stewardship?

If you go to church each Sunday and your church continues to grow, you will fall prey to the one topic that we all tend to dread: a Stewardship Campaign. I don’t have to explain what that means. Your church needs more money to expand. This is what most Christians associate with the word Stewardship. That may be one definition of Stewardship, but if you want to understand what God calls all of us to understand, please read on.

It starts with an understanding of ownership. God owns all mankind by virtue of Him being the Creator.

“The earth is the Lord’s and all that it contains, the world and all those who dwell in it.” Psalms 24:1

God owns all Christians by virtue of our redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, we own nothing. We are called by God to be stewards to carry out His will for His property.

“Christ Jesus; who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.” Titus 2:14

So Stewardship has to do with management of something we don’t own. If we were hired to manage a hardwood store and we did not listen to the owner, we would be fired. God is not going to fire us, but He wants us to see that He is in charge.

The greatest challenge that all Christians face is accepting Jesus as our life and giving up our kingdom and pride and righteousness. When we are successful at our job, sports, art or anything for that matter, we assume that we are responsible for our success. That is the principle reason so many are caught up in “self.”

“[God] gives you the ability to produce wealth.” Deuteronomy 8:18

It is so easy to fall prey to the temptation to accept all the praise for what we accomplished. Without God, it would not be possible. We are called to allow Jesus’ life to flow through us—and for us—to live in dependence on Him as He was with the Father.

So how do we resist the temptation to take the praise and simply thank Jesus for all with a humble, contrite, trembling heart?

1. Pray and meditate each morning before anything starts.

For some this may be hard to accomplish if you have young kids or you go to work very early. What is important to you? Whether it is kids or a job or simply laziness, without starting the day with the Lord on your heart, your battle to defeat Satan’s ploys during the day can become almost impossible.

2. Be thankful for all.

I think one of the great comforters in life is gratitude. If you take on a mindset of thanks for everything that happens in your life and whatever comes your way, you will be able to live by a humble heart in all things. The humble leader is the most compelling to follow. Thank God for everything!

3. Take a break.

When you need praise is when you are overwhelmed. Even Jesus took time off, even from the disciples. He knew when he needed time alone and simply took it. I know that this is another hard one for those with children and those with pressure cooker jobs. You will become a better mom or dad and better employee if your take breaks during the day. It wouldn’t hurt to carry a little bible with you to refer to or a book of meditation.

4. Pray over all things.

Paul tells us to pray constantly. You will find being a Steward so much easier if you make it a point to pray over everything. Whether it is a meal, something you are reading, a new task or even a failure—pray. Pray and ask God to enter every situation in your life. Strive to remain in harmony with the Lord.

5. If you are married, pray together often.

Whether it is taking a walk together, coming together for a meal or before you go to bed, make it a point to find time to pray together. If you have never done this before, ask your spouse what they are comfortable with and start there.

Stewardship is a state of mind. It is making Jesus much bigger in your life. The issues and problems in life will not stop, but you can walk hand in hand with the One, who is supreme over all.

Stewardship is like a dry sponge—attached to the One that fills us with a new “I” that saturates our whole being
and gets into every corner of our thinking, will, emotions, and body.

We are filled with His Spirit, His “I” attitude, becomes ours, and His life. The attitude of Stewardship is like Jesus’ Holy attitude that trusted God in everything.

Are you trusting in Him today?

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