The America Passport: A Lesson in Christian Stewardship

The American passport is the most unique travel document in the world. Every other passport is the possession of the holder, but the U.S. passport always remains the property of the United States government. The holder does not own it, but rather it owns him and proclaims that the traveler is the property of the United States government. This is why the Americans were among the first released from the Japanese embassy takeover in Peru years ago; the terrorists did not want the hassle. Thus the American is always in a safe place, supported by a force much greater than him.

In Philippians 3:20 Paul says our citizenship is in heaven. There is a term that is used to explain our passport as followers of Jesus:

Christian Stewardship

Our citizenship, our passport, our protection, and our representation are much more than the world can conceive of or offer. He owns all.

Wherever we go, we stand in Christ.

• In Him, we are more than conquerors.
• In Him, everything is given to us. (Whether we know it or not)
• We are His possession.
• Wherever we are is to let in Christ.

Wherever the believer stands is a safe place, with a force much greater than himself behind him.

So what is our obligation to the owner of all? We have all heard of the ugly American. This is a term that explains how some Americans act in foreign countries. Since we are Stewards of Jesus, everywhere we go including the United States is a foreign country. How are we called to act? What does the owner expect of us? Are we the ugly Jesus follower? What is our duty as followers of Jesus? How do we practice Christian Stewardship in our families?

  1. Meet Jesus each morning in prayer and meditation…it is important that we get our day started talking to the owner.
  2. Since our joy comes from serving the Lord, there is no room for selfishness. You can’t do marriage and be selfish!
  3. No matter how much or little you have, honor God with your possessions. Since He owns it all and we are just managers of His possessions, we should pray over all decisions related to our possessions.
  4. Become, in all things, a servant leader. David demonstrated how to serve with a humble heart.
  5. The primary enemy in the family is self-focus. Give away self to God.

Selfless love is merely participating in Jesus’s love. What kind of legacy do you want to leave your children? It is all about my wishes and desires, or it is all about God’s wishes and desires? Stewardship is our passport in a foreign country. It is our mark as a Christian.

Are we an ugly Christian in a foreign country or a selfless example of the Owner’s heart?


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