Maximize and Strengthen Your Family Legacy

A Unique Process Based On Creating Impact

Our unique approach to wealth planning starts with your desire to contribute to Kingdom causes. If you have a true heart for generosity that surpasses the wealth you have accumulated—Kardia can provide you with a strategic planning methodology which eliminates taxes, preserves your current lifestyle and increases your giving in order to create a real difference and strengthen your family. By looking at over 95 different available trust formats, we find the right combinations that will enable you to legally bypass or drastically reduce estate, income and capital gains taxes. By modifying your tax obligations, you are now able to give to the Kingdom causes you care most about.



Discover God’s purpose for your family.


Where you are now and where you want to go.


Create the plan to meet your objectives.


Execute the plan.


Contribute lasting impact to the Kingdom.
vision family goals


The Vision stage begins by discovering what God’s calling on your life is and determining how to align your passions, pursuits, personality, dreams and wealth with a plan that impacts His Kingdom.

Kardia guides you (and your spouse) through a thoughtful and reflective process that helps you create a vision statement that orients your family’s legacy.

Your family is then invited to come together so you can share your vision with those you love. This can become a very powerful and meaningful time in your family’s history as you set your legacy in motion.


The Clarify stage gathers all legal and financial information with the help of your most trusted advisors, accountants and attorneys to create a “current analysis” that clarifies where you are now and how well you are currently satisfying your new objectives and goals. This allows Kardia to understand how to improve the areas that are out of alignment and to clarify your new direction.

clarity family planning
implement family wealth planning


In the Focus stage—you create a plan that aligns your vision and goals with your wealth to maximize all that God has blessed you with.

We collaborate with your advisors to ensure accuracy, legality and safety so that when your plan is completed, you will have the assurance of a sound plan.

After the plan is completed and reviewed, your family comes together so that they may share in the profound impact of your newly created legacy.


In the Implementation stage, Kardia oversees the execution of all legal documents, coordinates the transfer of various assets and guides advisors to acquire any needed financial products or services. Weekly email updates are provided through out this phase.

Christian Wealth Planning12
impact christian family legacy


Christian families with a heart to support Kingdom causes can make a significant impact in the world. Through our process we can help you maximize your giving for real impact with the charities and ministries you are most passionate about. Through our process you will experience greater purpose, joy and fulfillment.

What will your impact be?

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How To Maximize Your Family Legacy And Impact

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