Strengthening Families

Maximize your family by making a significant impact for the Kingdom of God

Our Services Start With You

Our Christian Family Legacy and Estate Planning / Wealth Planning Services and process begins with you.

We come along side you to guide you in your desire to become more Christ-like and to become a better servant and steward. We work with you (and your spouse) to help you discover what you’re most passionate about—and with your entire family—cast your vision so that internal alignment is achieved and your legacy is realized.

Our process goes beyond estate planning. It encompasses traditional estate planning methods but also helps you determine what you and your family are passionate about and achieves your vision of a God-centered future.  Legacy Planning differs from estate planning in that we not only plan for your financial future, but an intentional faith based legacy that lasts for generations to come.

Kardia focuses on you, the family, as a starting point for our Legacy Planning process. We focus on what virtues and values you wish to leave to your heirs from not only a financial perspective, but from a faith perspective as well. In the end, Kardia clients have greater joy, purpose, family relationships and fulfillment as they see how God utilizes their wealth and family to change the lives of those they’ve chosen to help. Adding this element to our comprehensive estate planning is how we help you build a lasting Legacy for generations to come.

13 Questions to ask when interviewing a Christian Wealth Planning Firm.


eliminate taxes christian family wealth planningBy investing and committing to Kingdom causes—Kardia’s proven tax-reduction strategies help your family legally reduce estate and capital gains taxes by significantly freeing up capital so you can make significant progress towards your calling and goals.

maintain lifestyle smallIt is important to maintain what you have worked so hard to build. We help you answer the question: “How much is enough?” The Kardia process enables you to continue to live your life the way you want—but with greater purpose and joy. View example case studies.

build-christian-family-legacyProviding a thoughtful and discerning inheritance is central to maximizing family relationships and creating an enduring family legacy. We help you plan the “right” inheritance for those you love and care about. “An inheritance gained hastily at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.” —King Solomon, Proverbs 20:21
family impactChristian families with a heart to support Kingdom causes can make a significant impact in the world. Through the Kardia process we can help you maximize your giving for real impact with the charities and ministries you are most passionate about. Through our process, you will experience greater purpose, joy and fulfillment. View example case studies.
maximize family legacyWe typically witness something amazing when working with families through the Kardia process. Your family is brought closer together—and in God’s way, if it His will; He will strengthen and heal the bonds of those you hold dear. At the end of the process, your family will have a renewed sense of purpose, vision, direction and clarity that maximizes your family mission and love for one another. At Kardia, this is our greatest reward; to see your family maximized for God’s Kingdom.leo.
wealth planning maximize family legacy ebook

How to Maximize Your Family Legacy And Impact

Download this free ebook that will help you understand the Kardia process and what’s possible once you discover how to eliminate taxes by focusing on Kingdom causes that will enable you to build an enduring family legacy.