New Years Eve Challenge: How Much Do You Believe in Eternity?

Let’s say that a Financial Expert that I respect a lot says that the dollar is going to continue to plunge this year and on Dec. 31st it will be declared worthless and if you hold paper money, you will lose everything that you have; therefore, you better trade what you have now for gold. So he is warning everyone to sell or suffer the consequences.

So I begin to order his books and pick up his newsletters and I become absolutely convinced that on Dec. 31st the dollar is going to become worthless. As a result, I begin communicating through my weekly blogs for everyone to sell all their paper money for gold. Week after week I remind my followers to sell their currency and buy gold.

Sure enough on Dec 31st the dollar becomes worthless and everyone holding paper money loses everything … including me.

You see, even though I said it was going to happen. Even though I warned everyone of my followers that it would happen. Even though I said I believed it would happen, I didn’t quite believe it enough to do anything about it.

The Bible says that there is coming a day when all our money that we have is going to be declared worthless.

And if we want to make sure we are prepared for that day we better start changing our currency now to Eternal Currency. It says in so many ways that we better start investing in those things that will survive our death and the return of Jesus.

You see if we don’t think and act on this message, we are demonstrating that we really don’t believe what we say we believe. To say we believe and not to act is not to believe at all!!

Here is the challenge: Given the brevity of life and length of eternity, start investing your time, your money, and your opportunities in building God’s Kingdom. No matter how much wealth you have, there will be a time when it doesn’t matter and then the only thing that matters is how you used the resources that the Lord gifted you.

That’s right, God gifted you everything that you have and even your talents. By virtue of His creation of all and the redemption of us by the death of His son, we were purchased twice. We are merely stewards of what He gifted us.

How are you managing what He gave you? Are you trading your currency for the gold of eternity now? Can you honestly say that Jesus is the number one priority in your life beyond every person in your life and everything that you own? Can you honestly say that people and things are not idols of worship?

I am not saying that you are not a “good” Christian. I am not saying that you don’t give a lot to good causes. I am not saying that you are not a loyal follower of your church and maybe several other ministries.

Why must we see this as important? Because one day we are all going to stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and we are all going to be judged, rewarded or not, by what we have done in this life.

I don’t want you to go away feeling guilty nor do I want you to compare yourself to anyone else. That is not my point. Our judgment will be unique to us. Like the talents in the Bible, Jesus calls each person to a different standard. I know that I will not be judged in the same way as Warren Buffet or Billy Graham. I have not been given either one’s gifts or opportunities.

Are you listening to the message of the Bible and believing what it says? What is your currency…today’s currency or eternities currency?

Jordon Sneeder of the Moody Bible Institute said, “The real issue in life is not what we get but what we have given.”

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