Is your Christian Legacy “Deo Volente”- GOD WILLING?

When making plans, do you say, “here is what I hope to become and here is what I hope to be, (Deo Volente) God willing.” Or do you say, “I can make this happen,” without any reference to God?

I remember a time in early life hearing relatives who had come from Italy say when referring to almost anything, that they were to do “DV.” I never understood what they meant until, as a teenager, I asked my parents, “What does DV mean?” I thought it was an Italian slang, but I found that it was a Latin term for “God Willing.” We need to go back to the time when we knew that everything happened with God’s blessing and had little to do with us.

In this post, I will show you how and why you should make your plans “God-willing.”

How and why to make your plans “DV” God-willing

It is not that Christians are absent from plans, initiatives or effectiveness, but the driving force and underlying perspective comes from a different source both in terms of the instruction the bible provides and the ability God provides through his holy spirit in order that we may do that for which He calls us. Just because life is transient does not mean that we snatch up all that we can while there is time. The transients of life may produce insolence, a “whatever.”

Psalm 31 says “I trust in you, my Lord, I say you are my God. My times are in your hands.”

Paul always said I have made plans to come and see you, God willing. This needs to be in our hearts as well.

What happens when you leave God out of the picture?

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. When I take the reigns into my own hands and when I treat life as a continuing right rather than as a mercy and a connection to God then it is an expression of my arrogance.

The Lord is saying that if you live this way, it is independent of God…it is evil. In verse 17 of James 4, he calls it a sin to leave God out.  Christ made a way for us to recognize our sins and be forgiven.

That is why Jesus said, “Don’t lay up for yourself treasures on earth where moth and rats can get in and eat and destroy, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.”

That is not an anti-life diatribe “Do not work for the food that perishes.” You have to work for food, but don’t make that the end-all of your life. Make your plans in light of eternity. You ought to say Deo Volente often. Failure to do so is a sin.

Whatever the pathway….we will make it by the grace of God, right? This whole manger thing at Christmas; why was Jesus in a manger in the first place? Why is He in a feeding trough? Why is the God of heaven in a feeding trough? He was there because there was no room anywhere else. There was no room!

Make room for him

He made the universe yet when He came to the universe there was no place for Him. So what kind of thing is this? Let’s be honest, in most of our lives, it is an apt metaphor because we have no room for Him either. There was no room for the baby at Bethlehem’s Inn, only a stable.  There is no room on this earth for the son of God, nowhere to lay His head. Only a cross did they give to our Lord and only a borrowed tomb. And today He is seeking a place in our heart. Will you still say to Him…no room?

I talk about legacies often in these blogs because I believe we are called to leave a legacy that honors our Lord and leaves behind a memory of a life lived for God alone. We all fill our emptiness with something. Any substitute to God’s will never satisfy you. You were made for a relationship with God Himself. He calls out to you.

It is time we remind ourselves that all is Deo Volente!

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