Why Are Christians Hypocrites?

I know, this is an offensive statement/question to most Christians, but it is what many of our children believe. They look at our lives and the lives of so many Christians they know and see hypocrisy in our beliefs because of our behavior. If I am honest about my walk with the Lord, I know that I have sinned and have defied what I say I believe. In fact, I do not know how I could move forward and think that I will ever be the perfection that Christ demands…without His grace.

Which is the point… What our children need to hear is that we are vulnerable to sin and will continue to sin. What is different about the Christian is that we can identify our sinful behavior because we have an example of Jesus’s sinless life.  We seek the strength of the Lord in order to overcome our sinful nature.

I pray and meditate every morning because I need the hope Jesus promises and I desperately need His grace to get above my sin and suffering. I could not forgive others that have offended me without His grace, nor could I be forgiven of my transgressions.


The story of Cesar in Greg Boyle’s book, Tattoos of the Heart, helps me explain what I mean.

“Cesar is the typical kid from the streets of LA who has been in and out of prison…mostly in. He is big and burly and a bit frightening to encounter. He loves Greg, the priest of the Catholic Church in his neighborhood. He calls him “G”. One time as he exits prison he calls G and asks him to help him buy some clothes. ‘Sure son,’ Greg says.

Cesar as with so many older gang members has not changed inside from that child wanting to know that the world is safe from earthquakes. After shopping Greg drops Cesar off at his apartment. He becomes quiet and vulnerable, as frightened as a child displaced by shifting ground.

‘I just don’t want to go back. I’m scared.’

‘Look son,’ Greg says to him, ‘Who’s got a better heart than you’ And God is at the center of that great, big ol’ heart. Hang on to that, dog—cuz you have what the world wants. So, what can go wrong?’

About three in the morning Cesar calls Greg with a question. ‘I gotta question. You know how I’ve always seen you as my father—ever since I was a little kid? Well I hafta ask you a question.’

Cesar is a bit shaky at this point and his voice is trembling. ‘Have I…been…your son?'”


Cesar discovered that he is a son worth having. Through terror and his mess of a life, he felt beloved. This is exactly where God wants each of us!

I love my children without restriction. They are worthy of that. I see their heart and nothing else. I see that they are needy, like me and that they screw up, just like me. What they need and want is someone who loves them without exception.

There is a vastness in knowing you’re a son/daughter worth having.

God’s view of us is far more expansive than anything I could muster up for my children. He loves every part of us and accepts us just where we are.

We are all hypocrites in the view of non-Christians, but our sin is exactly the point of Jesus dying for us. As we seek to become more like Jesus (perfection) we will always be vulnerable and weak…and screw up…a lot! That is the message of hope that we need to leave for our kids. Once they understand that, they understand the message of the Bible.


We are not hypocrites, just lost sheep following a perfect shepherd.




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