Weaning The Soul

“I have soothed and stilled my soul…My soul is like a weaned child” – Psalm 131:2

As I start a new year, I long for simplicity. The past two years have been very complicated and stressful and in so many ways empty. It is said that evil and lies are complex and goodness simplicity. I want to live the good life of simplicity and love. Jesus taught us simplicity. The Pharisees lived by innumerable taboos, regulations, and laws…hundreds of laws. Jesus reduced the hundreds of laws to two: love God and love all mankind. Wow! How simple!

I want to be weaned of all the complications, laws and expectations to a life that models Jesus words this year. How about you? Do you find that life is so very complicated and that you rush around to do this or that thinking that you are just being responsible to the needs and necessities of life? Oh, how I know that attitude.


A Mexican suffering from stomach ulcers traveled at great expense to Battle Creek Michigan, expecting a complicated remedy, but he got this prescription, “Stop worrying and drink seven glasses of water a day.” He did and he got well. Simplicity can heal and save.


Jesus said, “Unless you turn and become like children, you will never get into the Realm of heaven at all.” Matt. 18:3 I have labored with that verses for years and now it makes so much sense. My life is much simpler and my relationship with Jesus is so pure and innocent without so many distractions.

Last night I went to a couple’s workshop and the speaker said something that turned my head. She said, “That what God wants is for us to know how much He loves us and seeks us.” She said, “This is what God wants us to know more than anything else.” I seek to know God and to have communion with the savior, but to fully realize that he truly loves me despite my weaknesses and failings and sins, is a concept that I am going to have to pray about. My daily meditation is to know God. I didn’t know that He wants more than anything for us to realize and embody His love for us. God loves us through and beyond all that we are.


  1. Stanley Jones says, “You can be rich in two ways: in the abundance of your possessions or in the fewness of your wants. When your wants are reduced to simplicity, then you are rich.” I would add after last night’s workshop, simplicity opens our eyes and takes away the distractions to God’s love for us. I pray today for awareness and comfort in God’s love of me.


We have no responsibility other than union with God. Is that ever hard to understand and trust, but that is essentially what God is calling me to. E. Stanley Jones puts it this way, “Since you have one simple responsibility, and that is to live in union with God, now you have one simple attitude toward people: Give out love and only love.” If you give out love part of the time and hate or bitterness part of the time, you will be in heaven part of the time and in hell part of the time. If you give out love all the time, you will be in heaven all the time and in love all the time.

I must look this year not at the results or the goals, but what I do in the moment and the results will take care of themselves. I will then not have to defend myself because my effort is merely to love and do good each moment without thought of judgement or mistakes. I must watch my speech that it reflects this attitude because as the Chinese saying goes, “Words are the sounds of the heart.”


“I have soothed my soul…My soul is like a weaned child.”  –  Psalm 131:2



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