The Bible Says That We Are Free

You may have noticed that I have been posing questions for weeks that you need to ask yourself in order for you to be aware of the answers to tough questions kids ask us…even the older kids. These questions mark the core of a Godly Christian Legacy. Underlying all the questions is the reality of God’s love for us and what that means. Through that love, God frees us.

What does that freedom mean?

The movie “Chariots of Fire” is about a Scottish athlete, Eric Little. In the movie, his sister chastises him because he is not on the mission field in China and he is missing classes because of his training and running schedule. “If you were a real Christian,” she says, “you wouldn’t be doing stuff that is not allowed, you would be doing mission work and training for China. Eric, the Lord made you for Himself.”

“I see, Jennie” says Eric, “He made me for Himself, but He also made me fast and when I run I feel His pleasure.”

That is Christian freedom. It is not a life in some legalistic box. It is not life cast to the wind in spurious living. Jesus is looking for us to be authentic and true to who we are and praise Him in everything that we do. This is the perfect law of liberty. Everything is permissible but not necessarily advisable. We must not allow anything to master us.

Our freedom is not to sin and bringing pleasure to God.

“Danny,” says Greg Boyle, “is short, chubby and ten years old and lives in the projects of LA. He is a goofy, likable kid who does not do well in school. He has a huge sketch pad in his hands and sits in my office. He is sketching me. He is working furiously and positions his pencil so as to size up his image of me. He is working on a portrait of me. It cracks me up, so I laugh.”

“Danny gets quite annoyed, ‘Don’t move,’ he says.”

“This makes me laugh all the more to think it makes any difference if I move. Danny turns steely on me, not the least bit amused. He becomes a clench toothed Clint Eastwood. ‘I said, Don’t move.’”

“I freeze. I stop laughing, and he finishes his portrait…The picture is Picasso on his worst day. I’m kind of speechless. ‘Uh, wow, this is me?’”

“’Wow, I hardly know what to say…I mean…it’s…very interesting.’ Danny looks a little miffed. ‘ Well, whad ya espect. YA MOVED.’”

Freedom? What is it? Our freedom in Christ is one where we squirm in the face of our sacredness and true community screams a collective, “don’t move.” God is satisfied at our current broken sacredness, the loneliness that’s there in each of us—despite what seems to be a shape that’s less than perfect. He loves us right where we are! And can’t take His eyes off of us.




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