Thanks God, I’ve got Got This

What is the most dangerous age? I would have to say for me it was middle age. In my youth, I accepted Jesus into my life and became committed to living for Him. When I moved into middle age, I got married and had children and became more comfortable with my financial business. I was not struggling as much and had moved into a time in my life when I had met many of my dreams. Yet, it was the time when I became more complacent about my faith and, without a doubt, the most sinful period of my life.


I’ve had the privilege of walking with generations of families throughout my career, and even though middle age is a common period in life to see spiritual idleness (because of the success many start to see at that age), a theme runs through people when complacency happens whether young, middle age or old and the best I can capture it is:


“I’ve got this God.”  


But God doesn’t want us to venture out on our own.  He wants us to be in step with him, no matter which season of life we find ourselves in. Take, for example, a young adult who has had access to a premium education, a gift of a downpayment to purchase a home, and they are doing pretty well financially compared to their peers.  They have little to want for, and no need for a savior.  Let me stress this is not a bad thing.  Most parents hope for this for their children, as they should.  But what if problems arise in a relationship or a business venture goes bad and they are forced to start from scratch? Will they look to God, and continue to seek His will and His plan for their life?  Will they dig in with their spouse and grow in faith for what the Lord has in store for them? Or will they return to their youth and seek help from their earthly parents?

The direction a parent takes is pivotal in their spiritual growth, and not black and white.  While a bailout seems like the loving thing to do, what does that mean for their growth and relationship with their ultimate provider?  Does their security and confidence grow in their father in heaven or in their earthly parents? The answer is never the same from one family to the next.  It has to be guided by the holy spirit, prayer and a deep connection to the father, and it has much to do with the child’s spiritual realationship with God.


God has a way of reminding us …. like he did with the Israelites in the desert, the thorn in Paul’s side he wouldn’t take away, or David’s season of persecution from Saul.


Not one of his children escapes his loving refinement


I am 68 and do not believe that I will ever stop painting, writing and helping people with their finances until I die at a ripe age. Today more than ever I live for Jesus’ plan for my life and have a renewed sense of His presence. I live for His plan, not mine. Every morning I pray for His direction, leadership and inspiration. Yes, I feel younger now than I have felt in so many years with a humble understanding of how sinful I am and how much I need His grace for every moment and every decision in my life. That sense gives me a renewed feeling of freedom and strength. It is that message which I want to share with my children and for them to learn it faster than I did.


Our children do listen to us despite the outward appearance. Do not ever stop teaching, sharing, modeling and praying over them. Our greatest contribution to our children and grandchildren is probably as we age. Pray to God that you will age gracefully, beautifully, and creatively for His work is never done in you and His message to others is always transparent in you.


“Even to your old age, I will be the same” Isa. 46:4




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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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Joe believes that stronger families are the vehicle God uses to bring about significant impact for His Kingdom.

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