Remember Your Part…Remember God’s Part


It’s a new year, a fresh start…a time to reflect on last years goals and make new ones for the coming year… but if you’re anything like me its easy to get stuck in where I went wrong last year . I received an email last week that reminded me exactly where my focus should be this year – whether it has to do with the relationships in my family, finances, career goals or ANYTHING ELSE.  It shifts my focus to the only one who knows and holds my future… and remembering to choose to partner with him every day.


“Christmas has an inherent holiness to it and even though we get distracted with other things, at the end of the day, we’re reminded of the reason for the season. The message of Christmas keeps my wandering heart in check.

But as New Years approaches my heart takes a screeching turn towards the cliff edge and all Joy and Peace and Light goes flying out the window.

New Years is about ME, MY goals, MY success, MY failure, MY year… at least that’s what my heart believes (and, let’s be honest, social media does a pretty good job of preaching).

Right about early December the New Years Dread comes knocking and I hear the whisper, you should be so much further along than you are now…it could be better, you could be doing more.

This year I’ve finally found a name for that feeling: shame.

Shame masks itself as hustle or obedience or personality. Shame tells you it’s your fault things aren’t better. Shame makes you feel like it’s never enough, like you’re never enough.

But here’s the truth: our first responsibility, the absolute one and only thing that makes a difference in our lives and the world around us is receiving God’s love.Jesus boils everything down to two truths: love God and love others, but we’re also reminded that we can only do this because God did it first. We only know how to love because we know what it means to be loved. We can only offer what we have been given. If we’re feeding ourselves a steady diet of shame, all we have to give others is shame. If we’re feeding ourselves love – chewing it and savoring it and letting it nourish and satisfy us – then love is the natural overflow we live in and give away.”  

Remember how far you’ve come.
Remember how well you are loved.
Remember success comes from the Lord.
Remember your part.
Remember God’s part.”

Carolyn Williams email excerpt  carolynwilliamsyoga.com


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