Only Pure Olive Oil

My grandparents were born in Sicily and traveled to the US before World War I. Sicily is famous for pure olive oil. (Some would say it is famous for something else.) Pure olive oil is unique and is hard to find in the stores. As a result, it is very expensive, but worth the expense for the taste and texture. I only like the pure Sicilian olive oil on my salads. Since it is pure, the portion needed for a salad is small.

Charles Spurgeon says that not every kind of oil could be used in the Lord’s service; neither the petroleum that exudes so plentifully from the earth, nor the produce of fish, nor that extracted from nuts would be accepted; only one oil was selected, and that was the best olive oil. So, what is the pure oil of God’s grace?

We might want to compare the impure olive oil to natural goodness or priestly hands or outward ceremonies or just kindness. I don’t think God is satisfied with that type of grace. He went to the olive press of Gethsemane and drew his supplies from Him who was crushed there. “The oil of gospel grace is pure and free from sediment and from the dregs,” Spurgeon writes, “and so the light that is fed by it is clear and bright.”

My point here is that the grace of God, like pure olive oil, comes with a persistent daily effort. Pure olive oil can only be achieved through tedious time-consuming perfection. God’s grace only comes through a daily prayerful meditative persistence. Only then does our oil become pure and free from sediment and dregs, so the light produced is clear and bright. What are the beams of that light: Truth, holiness, joy, knowledge, and love.

We cannot send them out into the darkness of this world unless in private we receive oil from the God the Holy Spirit.

Even the consecrated lamps in the temple could not give light without oil; though they shone in the tabernacle, they needed to be fed; though no rough winds blew upon them, they required to be trimmed, and our need is just as great. Under the happiest of circumstances, we cannot give light to anyone unless we have the fresh oil of grace that can only be achieved through daily persistent prayer. And not just formal restrictive prayer, but a personal conversation with our brother, Jesus Christ. He is the pure oil of grace that is freely given to us each day through taking the time with Him. Only then can our service for the Lord be fruitful.




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