I prefer light to the darkness. I know I am not unusual but there are times when I look at the world today and particularly all of the craziness of Washington D.C. and I wonder… why is it so easy to lie and deceive and cheat in the towers of leadership in this country? I wonder why the legal profession (in many cases) is more interested in winning and making money than serving the truth and the law. I wonder why judges have lifted themselves above the law to push their own personal agenda and beliefs. I wonder why so many in our beautiful country are either sad or depressed. I wonder why so many live in a type of darkness that keeps them from the truth and the joy that comes from knowing and being blessed by the truth.

To wonder is to be like a child. When a little one enters a room, he or she is taken with every detail of that room. Nothing escapes eyes of a child. A child is attracted to grandparents because they do not have an agenda or a responsibility, so they just appear fun and loving (for the most part). So, for a child all is light. A child is afraid of the darkness. Why aren’t we?

What are the many ways that a child sees light? For one, they see it as a display. Light shines brightly to reveal all the details of what is around us. As a Christian, I have wondered why so many see Christians, and thus God, as unapproachable and distant.

31% of Americans see God as authoritarian
23% see God as benevolent (give us everything, prosperity gospel)
22% see God as critical
24% see God as distant.

Why do so many believe that is the truth about God? I think it has a lot to do with how Christians act and respond to them.

They don’t see the light in Christians. They see plenty of darkness and they don’t want to get close.

Are their perceptions accurate?
A Christian can only change those perceptions by truly being the light. A person could not live with him a week without knowing the Gospel. His conversations should be such that all who spend time with him would understand clearly to whom he belongs and who it is he serves and would see the image of Jesus displayed in his daily actions.

Is that true of you?

Children see Lights for guidance. As Christians, it is our duty and obligation to help others out of the darkness without being self righteous or without appearing better than the person that we are helping. We are to show others that the light brings with it a divine resting place from the lies and deception of the world. The life of Jesus and His followers is one that is not without pain or trouble, but one that helps us stay above those trials and achieve an inner peace that keeps us in the game. Are you comfortable helping others out of the darkness?

Lights are also use for warning. It is so helpful to the sailor to know that a lighthouse will help them see clearly to the shore. There are so many false lighthouses in the world to tempt us to false pleasures which will certainly be temporary and not at all satisfying. As I have said in past blogs, it is time for Christians to be bold about their faith without fear. We are in a time, similar to when Luther preached. It is a time of upheaval and an abundance of false teaching. A bible educated Christian is critical to be the lighthouse of truth.

Do you pursue the truth in the Bible? Are you a student of your faith?

Lights also have a very cheering influence. Christians ought to be so happy and peaceful, that they attract the attention of non-believers. Who doesn’t want to be near and with people of joy? With kind words on our lips and sympathy and mercy in our hearts, we should carry sunshine wherever we go and diffuse happiness as a light around us.

As a child sees light as a display, guidance, warning and cheering influence, can we reflect the same? We live in a dark world, so any light will glow. Consider years ago when there was no electricity and the lanterns on the streets were the only source of light outside. Every evening a man would walk around with a ladder and light these lanterns. In the darkness, a ray of light would appear to reveal all that was below. That one light would pierce the darkness. That light is Jesus and we are His ambassadors in a foreign land because we are aliens in this land and our land of origin is heaven. Are you an apt ambassador?


“…in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among who you shine as lights in the world.”     Philippians 2:15



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