Life After Death

What does it take to leave a Legacy to our children that is profoundly impactful to them, the grand kids and possibly even generations to come? Is it possible to do so even if your children are currently lost? Can your past mistakes be overcome? What if you have been divorced once or twice? Is there a time when your efforts to move a God centered Legacy forward should be abandoned?

As I write these questions, I begin to grow more and more discouraged with the difficulty of leaving a Legacy that can impact generations. Believe me, these questions are real, and unfortunately, prevalent in the Christian community. My children rejected my Christianity after they had four years of public university education. I am battling these questions every day.

Alistair Begg is discussing the question of life and death in a series this week. He hits a home run with his assessment of where sin came from and what happens after death. Allow me to explain why it is important that we understand the truth behind what Alistair is explaining for us to better relate to our children and possibly move their hearts a little.

A Legacy that is God centered must come from truth. Truth in the current generation is a moving target. Until we can nail our children down to the truth, our efforts will fall flat because our children can come up with another “truth” to prove their erroneous rationalizations for not believing the Bible.

Before I go on, I want to stress that only God can change a heart and that only prayer can have any real impact on our children. That being said, we all want to make every effort to talk to our children and help reveal the only truth that matters: and that is the Bible.

Alistair says that one of the truths that is in the Bible is that Adam was the source of all sin. He started sinless in paradise and then rejected God with his wife Eve. That began, for all generations to come, a sinful nature of man. It was Jesus that conquered that sin and brought all of us the chance to live by the Spirit and have a life that hints at Heaven and the healing power of the Spirit until he comes again.

Adam created sin and Jesus defeated sin.

So, the first truth, that our children must believe before anything makes sense is that sin did indeed have a beginning and that the first book of the Bible is not fiction but truth. Paul, in the book I Corinthians, talks about Adam. Was he crazy or was he merely believing that all of the Bible is God inspired? Jesus talks about many things that happened in the Old Testament of the Bible. Was He crazy or was all of it true?

How do scientist discover bones of animals that they say lived millions of years ago when the Bible creates a picture of about 6 thousand years? Is science wrong? I am not going to begin to answer that question but be prepared to have an answer because that is their truth and they have scientists that feed them these “facts”.

I brought up the scientists because even though we can justify our position with the Bible, it is not going to be easy to prove it even though it is clearly truth. So how do we prove the resurrection of Christ and Him conquering death? More to come….


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