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As I begin the new year, I set a number of goals for the year for my business and family life. One of the goals is to to share good things with my grown adult kids. They are millennials and that creates a particularly difficult challenge. They don’t accept all that I say about my faith nor do they see the Bible as fact. I am sure this challenge is not just mine. Do any of you have the same challenges? I would love to hear from you!

For now, I would like to share one of the most important concepts that I hope to share with my children. Kathleen Mulhern is a teacher at the Denver Seminary. She is teaching a class at the Downing House. Her first statement caught my attention and helped me go deeper with my faith.

“Why do so many Christians have the right doctrine, go to the right churches, make the right arguments, even have the right practices, yet demonstrate so few of the graces and virtues of the Christian Life?”

We have only to go to the early church to discover some answers. Failures of classical paganism, the power of martyrdom and the ways they treated women would be some of the factors. Kathleen says that it is not because of healing, wonders, signs, power, good preaching or graduate schools. It is a much simpler answer: faith working itself out in love.

“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain: their teachings are but rules taught by me.”

Matthew 15.8-9


The key question of this series is, “Is it more important to know God or for God to know us?” Which leads to adoration and love?

If you are married, you know the challenges of keeping the marriage fresh and meaningful. One complaint I hear from a lot of women is that they feel a distance from their husband as time goes by and they feel that their husband does not “see” them. In fact, their greatest longing is to be seen. Any of you women have this desire? If a man shows enough interest in his wife that he becomes a student to his wife, she will blossom and be everything that he desires. Seems so simple but that means through arguments, disagreements and differences, the man needs to plow through and continue the quest for knowing his wife better each day.

If you close your eyes, can you see people that have made an effort to know you deeply? How does that feel and do you think they love you? Our enemies know us not, strangers know us not, we know not ourselves well, and friends give up too early.

Our understanding of being know makes it difficult to fully understand and appreciate how God knows and love us. He sees us every moment of our lives and hears everything that we say and do.

In John’s gospel he refers to himself as the disciple that Jesus loved. Intimacy, affection, mutual understanding and trust are what we all seek in a relationship. John seemed to have a special bond with Christ. He seemed to know how Jesus loved him and knew him. I don’t think his gospel was just to demonstrate how Jesus love John. I believe Jesus is calling all of us to be the beloved one.


Want to know more? I would like to get your feedback and questions before next week. I’ll continue with this topic because I believe this may open the door to enormous joy and celebration in your lives and in the lives of your children.




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