Jesus Rises From The Dead: Really?

Even the Roman historians talk about Jesus and his life on earth. The issue for most non-believers is the Resurrection. Is this important to our belief system? It is the most important fact of our faith! It is only the Christian God that became man and rose from the dead. Budda and Mohammed are dead.  Joseph Smith is dead and the Jews are still waiting for a savior. So, the resurrection is the most pivotal event in history and source of all Christian belief.

It is the resurrection that gives us hope for the future beyond death. Through the resurrection, Jesus conquered death and promised hope beyond death.

The Bible says that “If the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells n you.” Romans 8:11

That is Jesus’s legacy! And what a legacy it is. So, what gives us faith in the resurrection and how do we communicate to unbelievers that it actually happened? The Roman account of the Resurrection is that Jesus’s body was stolen from the grave while numerous soldiers slept. The soldiers did not hear a huge stone being moved out of the way nor did they hear the disciples move the body?  It is quite interesting, if that be true, that throughout history, not one person has come forth to talk about this hoax. It is also interesting that these disciples would be that shrewd and would live a lie and preach a lie for decades. I think the guilty secret would have eaten out their message.

The message they proclaimed, if a lie, would have fallen on deaf ears in the world. These disciples, after Pentecost, were radiant and irresistible. They laughed their way through persecution, sang their way through prisons, and smiled their way through death. For a hoax? I don’t think hoaxes produce hallelujahs, nor does body snatching produce transformed lives. I do think life produces life.

God invites all of us, not only to come close and find the life for ourselves, but to join Him in offering His love and light to the world. The Resurrection of Jesus is the pivotal moment in not only Jesus’s life but in our own.

If you haven’t yet accepted this Resurrection, it might be time that you did. Ask Jesus to transform your life like he did the disciples. Trust me, your life will not be the same ever again.



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