Is Religion Pushing Your Children Away From Jesus?

“For everyone born of God has overcome the world. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes Jesus is the son of God.” I John 5:4,5

When I was growing up, I learned catechism, form prayers and to respect priests and nuns. I learned about a religion and thought, at the time, I was good. Since then I have learned something entirely different. I am not discounting what I learned or criticizing those that taught it, but I believe it is important that we teach our children more.

In this post I will talk about a much more effective way to arm our children to the deception of the enemy, a way I wish I had known more about as I was raising my own children and that can help you leave a lasting Christian Family Legacy.

Throughout the world, Jesus is praised, even in the Muslim nations.

Christianity and the religion of the west are not respected because they represent those of the west, who worship wealth and materialism. They see those gods as the primary gods of the west’s “religion”. If you want a Muslim to listen to you, do not bring up Christianity. Mention Jesus and they are willing to listen. A friend who visits the Middle East quite a bit said that Jesus is mentioned more than prophets in the Quran. Whether that is true or not is not the point; the point is that Jesus is respected as a great prophet and it takes very little to get them to listen to what else Jesus represents.

Michael Wells said, “Religion at its most basic point is man’s attempt to be like God through mind, will, or emotion.” We humans are never satisfied and are constantly reaching for more and more of what can make us happy and satisfied, only to be frustrated with how temporal those fancies are. God does not like man’s condition and so He intentionally descended to become a victorious man who lives as God would on earth. Though worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, sin, the enemy, and depression came calling as temptations, He rejected and overcame them all.

“Jesus is the ultimate definition and fulfillment of religion, for He was the man who was, in fact, God, able to take away all superstition, all that is inconsequential, and all irrelevant arguments, leaving us with true, full, and abundant life.” Michael Wells

It is through the invisible laws of the Spirit that, when observed, bring true lasting joy.

Isn’t that message the one that should resonate with our children so that they can live a life full of joy? I believe our children’s consciousness is being inundated with negative messages on religion, faith, the bible and anything related to it. I don’t think we can go wrong by simply teaching about Jesus.

It is learned best from parents, over time

Here is the rub. Teaching about Jesus, His life and His message of love is work and must come from the home and the parents over time. It takes time and effort each day and requires you to intimately know the message so that you can teach it well!

We as parents can find it convenient to send our kids to a Christian school or take them to church or force them to go to a weekly class to teach them about Jesus and then we are shocked when they reject “religion” during college or after. We say to ourselves, “what happened?”

True happiness comes when submitting to the laws within and is possible only through receiving His life and His abounding grace.

Satan tempts our children just like us but they do not have the armor to defend themselves.

The enemy would have them believe that they cannot be happy unless they reject religion with all of its rules and give into sin. We as parents should know that doing so only brings misery.

It is time that we reject religion and teach Jesus. I am not saying reject your church, although you might want to change your place of learning and worship if they do not teach biblical wisdom that it is pragmatic. It is time that we share the joy of Jesus with our children…is it not?

Maybe the problem is that you do not know the joy of Jesus in order to be able to teach it to your children. More on that in future blogs.


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