Is It Ever Too Late To Change Your legacy?

What is a Legacy? It seems the word is used only when doing Estate Planning and refers to the money and possessions left behind. Indeed a Legacy does include all of your possessions and the designation of who receives your material wealth and how, but is that where it ends? In fact, a Legacy includes all that you leave behind including your habits, ideas, faith, love, etc.

I like to think that a Legacy is like the books that I have written. They represent ideas and thoughts that I fleshed out for myself, but are now available to others. A Legacy is like a well drilled for self, but many after have found it quite useful. The well I speak of is actually filled from rain above and not from below.


So it is with our Legacy. Rain that comes from above is like Grace.


Charles Spurgeon says, “Grace can be compared to rain for its purity, for its refreshing and energizing influence, for its coming from above, and for the sovereignty with which it is given or withheld.”

Grace is like a smile from heaven.

Grace is blessings from a loving God.

Will our Legacy be a blessing to those that we leave behind? Will it be grace for them? Think about it. Whether it is money or possessions or how we have lived our life or the many lessons we have shared, will it all be a blessing for our beneficiaries of our Legacy?

I ask that question often of myself and I don’t like the answers. Most of us, if honest, know that much of our lives have been selfish and prideful. I know that when I was young, I vowed I would do nothing that I would later regret or feel embarrassed about. But here I am in my late 60’s and I have much to regret and much to be embarrassed about. “What was I thinking,” is my constant refrain.

What will my Legacy be? Even my possessions and money are tainted with a false sense of what is important. What to do…?

My analogy of Legacy to Grace is appropriate for another reason. I think it will take the Grace of God for me to erase the guilt and to change my Legacy. I believe only God has the power to change hearts; not only our hearts, but also those we leave behind.

The Legacy that I want to leave is how I dealt with my pride and selfishness and possessions after I realized how wrong I was. I believe my Legacy can have power and love if I admit my mistakes and sins and move forward with God’s Grace.

If I can demonstrate that only God was able to change me and to transform me, I will leave a marvelous legacy of God’s love.


Bless you Jesus for your transforming example and Grace.



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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
Christian Family Legacy and Wealth Planning
Joe believes that stronger families are the vehicle God uses to bring about significant impact for His Kingdom.

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