Hoarding or Saving?

As believers, we are to trust God for everything and to share what we have with others. Is it wrong for us to have savings or to enjoy benefits that come with wealth? How should Christians manage their money in light of God’s promises?

Proverbs 30:8 implies that what we want is not wealth or poverty but our daily bread. In our current affluent society, particularly in America, it is so very hard to say this sincerely. Most of what we have is an encumbrance to God’s precious promises. Our Father in heaven wants us to share what we have. The Bible says give us this day our daily bread. What is particularly hard for those with much to understand is that the Bible is clearly saying that whatever the Lord has blessed you with is not yours but ours. We have a responsibility beyond ourselves with what we have.

I know that this is very hard for us capitalists to recognize. Those who have been endowed have a responsibility for those who do not have. God says in the Bible that He will give you what you need, and He will distinguish between need and want. He does not give us much so that we can hoard it for ourselves…Oh, you say, you worked hard for what you have and why should I share it with someone who has not worked hard? Simply, because God said so.

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

II Cor. 9:7 & 8

I would say that it is pretty clear what God calls us to. “What good is it,” says Peter, “if one has faith with no deeds?” God says to COMMAND THOSE WHO have more than what they need to give to others. Put your hope in God who richly provides us with all for our enjoyment. He is not a killjoy.

I have been awakened to this message as I come back from a mission in Sicily. Sicily has about 6 million people and 1 million refugees. Sicily is a poor country with very high unemployment. These refugees are from northern Africa and are escaping death. Many do not make the trip over the Mediterranean Sea. Those that make it face a country that really cannot afford them and yet provides housing and $125 per month stipend. Even when they get their papers, they are limited to about $400 per month in income. For most, they have to send back to a family the majority of that money.

We in America, do not understand poverty, because we think poverty is one car and a large screen tv and a cell phone. We think that if we don’t want to work that we should be paid to stay home and do nothing. We think that the government should give us all free medical, education, and $30000 per year if we refuse to take a start up job.

I have been awakened to real poverty and that the riches we have far exceed the need. Yet we do not have to apologize for what God gives us but we need to share what we have.

Bottom line is Gods call to us to lay up treasure in heaven not here. Next week, I am going to talk about compassion and what it really means.


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