Happiness vs Holiness – Ephesians 5:1-4

It has been some time since my last blog. I have been busy developing the material for my new book on Legacy. Through my study, I find moments of awareness that go beyond the topic and move into discernment of the truth.

Alister Begg has spoken to young people around the country about the challenges of being a Christian in this broken world. Alister believes they face some unique challenges that those of us that are older have not had to face. In a speech to students in Westmont in 2017, “The issue of the authority and sufficiency of Scripture in this generation is on the knife edge of human sexuality. You must determine for yourselves, am I a soldier for the cross, am I a follower of Jesus, am I prepared to acknowledge that even though my predilections run a certain level, they must be brought under the jurisdiction of scripture no matter how bad it makes me feel no matter how it makes me hurt.”

I believe that is the most important question that can be asked of the current youth, who are roped into believing that human sexuality is a matter of choice (as taught in most of the Universities in our country). Is sexuality a choice or is it prescribed very clearly by God in His word?

Did God create us, or did we create God?

We are adopted members of God’s family and love. Scripture is clear and succinct on our participation in the family of God. What does that mean? It means that we should display a family likeness. I look in the mirror in the mornings and sometimes I am shocked to see my father in the mirror. Do you see the image of your father in heaven when you look in the mirror?

Sexual freedom is defined in the scripture as a heterosexual, monogamous, lifelong marriage. What young people need to hear with no apologies or compromises is that sexual sin that works against the covenant of marriage is to be banished from Christian communities. “If we do not have the courage to boldly speak the truth, our churches will face darkness not seen since the dark ages before the Reformation,” says Alister Begg.

Young people need to figure this out. It is up to the church to direct the message clearly. The standards of God are high. They are absolute. Living in this manner is only possible through the grace of God.

I have learned through many trials and errors, that everything God is doing in my life is not to make me happy, because that only makes me unhappy very quickly. You see, the irony is that we believe that we can get into the pool of life and not get wet. Unless we strongly pursue the value of God’s word and direction, we will drown in the false promises of the world we live in.

Young people face a barrage of media messages telling them that there is an easy way to happiness and contentment and that there are roads to fulfillment beyond God. I believe young people need to face the reality that they are chosen for salvation and therefore they will choose to live in a way that pleases God. Not, I have been chosen for salvation and so I can now live in any way I please.

The holiness that God calls us to is a process that does not end. It starts with our confession and commitment to serve Jesus. It is then a lifelong process of revelation, change and growth toward the loving God.

I like to use the analogy of Michael Angelo creating his greatest work of sculpture of David. He explains that the huge piece of rock had hidden inside the image of David and he chiseled and hammered away all of the excess rock to reveal him. That is an apt image of our transformation into an image of Jesus. When we start as a Christian we are merely a huge mass of rock. As we grow, through prayer and grace, Jesus becomes clearer in our lives. In a sense, the massive rock of our worldly desires is fashioned into the spiritual presence of our Savior.

I pray that all of our children work out salvation through the battlefield of lies and deception. Christians need to be profoundly bold and forthright in their convictions or they will be caught up in the pieces of a shattered civilization broken and exhausted by its extreme adventure with radical Godlessness.

I invite you and your children to take on the challenge to commit yourselves to a radical Godliness. Vow to paint, write, do business with eternity in view. The future of our civilization is dependent on the few who live Biblical truth. Are you up to the challenge?



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