Are You Willing to Admit You Are Sick?

If you have the flu and you feel awful, do you think that you can walk amongst your family and friends without them noticing that you are sick? My guess is that they will see something different about you. Our awareness of our sickness is pretty apparent to both ourselves and those around us.

But how about the sickness that Jesus speaks of? That is our sin. He is aware of our sickness, but are we? Do you think that others know your sin? The Pharisees saw sickness/sin in others and were quick to point out the sin of others and rebuke them but were not aware of their own sin.

Are you self-aware?

In my book, The Master’s Plan, (coming out in a few weeks) I repeatedly call parents to be transparent with their children and husbands and wives to be transparent with each other if you want meaningful exchange, healing and a family that models Christ’s love. Yet, transparency is dependent on self-awareness.

I look back at raising my children and all that I tried to do for them. I did so much more than my parents, and I think I was a pretty good dad. I tested that theory out by asking each of my kids, “How was I as a dad?” WOW! Forgot to put on the armor before I asked.

How others see us is really what self-awareness is!

My next challenge is to ask my wife how I am as a husband. This time I will put on the armor.

In order to hang out with Jesus, family or friends and truly love them and be able to accept their love, you need to be AWARE of your SICKNESS. We can look into the mirror and never see ourselves clearly, but others do. I admit that they may have their own issues that they take out on you or they may be wrong about some things, but if you don’t get defensive and just listen with an open heart you will hear truth through what they say despite their own flaws.

As Jesus said in Luke 5: 31, “It is not the healthy that need a doctor but the sick.” We are all called to repentance. The more we see our sin, the more we have the capacity to love. Others cannot determine your identity, but they can help us see more clearly.

The love you experience is proportional to the humility that you express.

Ask Questions like:

  • What is it like to be married to me?
  • What is it like to be a friend to me?
  • What is it like to disagree with me?
  • How was I as a father or mother?

These are questions that open the door to self-awareness and healing because they reveal hidden sins that we are blind to. Again, only through our humility can we see what is being said as grains of truth.

If we read the book of Leviticus, we will see what is clean and what is not clean. It gives all the laws that must be followed to make sure that we are clean. As an example, to touch an unclean person or thing is to infect yourself. When Jesus came, He changed all of this with the new covenant. He touched the leper who was unclean and instead of becoming unclean Himself he healed the leper and made the leper clean.

Only Jesus can make us clean. Only when we are aware of our sickness and sin can Jesus heal us and make us clean again. Only through a relationship with Him will your daily prayer be: heal me of the sickness that infects my soul each day. I know that each day despite my best efforts I sin. It could be a thought or words or what I see, but believe me, it is sin. Each day I become a little more humble to my fate and begin to realize that only through Jesus can I be healed and be loved because each day I become a little more humble.

You can’t fix what you don’t know is wrong.

If you want to leave a Legacy that matters and that is about love and humility and Jesus’s healing than you better ask a few questions of those you love and then ask,


Our children and spouse long for us to ask, “Will you forgive me?”
Jesus longs for us to ask Him, “Will you forgive me?”

The truth will set you free to love and be loved!!


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