A Legacy Of Empty Christianity Is A Legacy Of Empty Promises

This past week I met with a 92-year-old client in my Arvada office. Since it is an old building, it is not required to have an elevator. The stairs has become quite a challenge to my older clients.

This particular day my 92-year-old client labored up the stairs and propped himself down in the chair a bit exhausted from the climb. His body has taken a turn for the worse since the last time I saw him and I felt a bit guilty because I normally meet my older clients either in the Starbucks across the street or at their homes. I promised him that this would be the last time he had to climb those stairs.

Despite his body deteriorating, his mind is still quite sharp. I do not detect any loss of memory or clarity. John (not his real name) has been sharing his new experience going to bible studies and studying the bible with me. I believe it has been three years that he learned about the wonders of the bible. He is Catholic, and for those who grew up Catholic – like me – the priests highly discouraged the study of the bible in the past without the assistance of a priest. When I was growing up I never heard of a bible study with a priest. When John first shared his experience with discovering the bible he was so over joyed to be able to read the word of God. He found it a treasure of wisdom and grace.

Today our meeting was for him to ask a number of financial questions and to get clarity about his investments. When that was accomplished, as with most clients, we shared about our lives over the past year. Today I innocently shared how the Spirit often talks to me through books, people, signs etc. “I don’t think a day goes by, that I don’t hear from the Spirit on something or someone or to answer a question,” I tell him. He was amazed. He said that has never happened to him.

It reminds me of a guy in my men’s group who said, “The Spirit never speaks to me.” My comment to him as with John is, “Are you listening?” I do not say this to brag or to speak of my Holiness, but to reveal a fact about walking with Jesus. He does communicate through His Spirit to us every day if we are listening.

I told John that the Spirit’s communication could come in the strangest ways. If the mind, heart and soul are always aware of that communication, we will see things that were always there but we just didn’t notice. I can’t say I am perfect because I too become distracted, but I believe God talks to us at all times. In fact, I believe that we are not called to “do” but to simply bear fruit wherever we are planted- and that requires the help of the Holy Spirit.

I told John that the power of the Spirit was available to him by simply asking and keeping his ears and eyes open to the messages the Spirit was sending. I told him that our meeting was probably not about finances but was the Spirit’s way of opening up his eyes to the reality of his walk with God. Indeed this day for John, he experienced the message from the Spirit through me. I must admit John walked out of my office very excited and seemed to want so desperately to experience what I was experiencing.

I believe for the majority of Christians this is the case. Sad! To experience the power and grace of God through His Spirit is to experience His delight in us and His blessings and grace.  If you don’t understand this, you are sharing an empty shell of Christianity with your children! A Legacy of empty Christianity is a Legacy of empty promises. I have seen families filled with the Spirit share their stories with each other and it is so unbelievably wonderful to see that it brings tears to my eyes.  I’ve known families with small children be invited to share what they hear from the Holy Spirit when making family decisions and praying for others and their insights are weighed just as heavily as the adults – they hear the Father!  Can you imagine your family, even into adult children years, praying together and asking the Holy Spirit to guide your every step and lead in your decisions:  who to give to, where to serve with time, who to pray for, etc.?  What a rich legacy that is… and it may have nothing to do with your financial assets.

Next week I am going to blog about how to be used by the Spirit and how to experience the joy of the Spirit’s power in your life.  Tune in next week for some help on how to get started.


You shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. T

his promise is to you and to your children and to all




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