A Legacy Of Empty Christianity Is A Legacy Of Empty Promises (Part 2)

Last week I gave an example of a client that revealed his hunger for the power of the Holy Spirit. He was totally devoted to the Lord and wanted what the Bible revealed to him. We also talked about how living without the Holy Spirit in daily life can result in sharing an empty shell of Christianity that is a turn off to your children. Today I will share some of the inspiration words of E. Stanley Jones who give us steps to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. My caution is that a set of steps does not negate the most important characteristic of receiving the Spirit into your life: a humble heart that asks for Jesus to enter you life and change your life to His life.


If you want to know the Holy Spirit alive and active in your life and if you are not content to see others used by the Spirit and yourself bypassed, then read on.

  1. You need first say: Since God has come through an incarnation, atoning death, resurrection, I know God will come within me as the final step in His journey to be in and through me.
  2. You need also say: I know that God would not have called me to be His child without providing the power to walk in the Way. The Christian faith would be a joke if God were not imbedded in each of us to be able to abide in all the promises made in the Bible.
  3. I need to understand what the Bible says about how the Holy Spirit is given: I must ask – “How much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?” Luke 11:13.
    1.  I must accept the Holy Spirit by an act of faith.
    2. I cannot accept the gift if I am not willing to pay the price for the gift. If God gives Godself, then I must give myself in exchange.
    3. I must obey God. That may be the hardest because we want to water down the commands of God. We must examine ourselves everyday in word, thought and deed as to our absolute devoted service to our generous God and He will gift us the power and discernment and joy of the Spirit.

So we are called to ask, accept, give, and obey in order to see the power of the Spirit. But you might be thinking, “How do I do that.? Give me more.” I understand that. I know that we mere humans do not have the deep knowledge and openness to understand the wisdom and messages of the Bible. Next week I will try to give more wisdom from Jones in his attempt to help us. Keep reading because as you read God is opening your heart to His message and His plan for you. It is not a mistake that you have been drawn to this message. Bless your journey and the wonderful things God has planned for you.


Pray this prayer: God I am now committed. I set my face and heart on seeking you with all my being to receive your highest gift, the gift of the Holy Spirit. I am not entering this quest lightly; I am entering with no reservations, and no halfway attitudes. I am utterly committed to seeing your face through your Spirit. I am grateful and honored with your gift. I want to be possessed totally by the Spirit.




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