Why Family is the Solution to America’s Problems

What is a family? Why does it matter for the welfare of all men, women, children, and communities in the world?

Family is God’s idea. In Genesis, He created man and woman and told them to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.” We can go to any place in the world, at any time throughout history, and find that family has been encouraged and protected.

Men do not have the same response to family that women have. A woman’s natural response to a baby is to nurture and care for that baby. This response is not as natural for a man. It is the extended family and the community that creates an environment that encourages men to want to support and protect their families.

Unfortunately, society is torn between those who want to impose a certain restrictive standard on family and more specifically on women and those who think that there are no standards or norms or morals, but only selfish human needs and desires. If you look back at history, you will see that tragedy ensues when family is not both important and intentional.

Do you believe that America and all humanity are dependent on the growth and stability of family?

I don’t believe there are any alternatives. There is no magic formula to solve the problems that we face today economically and socially. The solution starts and ends with family, and it begins with you and me. If the entire world is crumbling around you, and you can go home to a loving spouse and children and get the support needed from your extended family, all is well with you.

Obstacles to Effective Family Life

We all want and long for the closeness that can only come from a family rooted in Godly virtues and has open lines of communication. Often, our issues of the past stand in the way of family unity and support. Those issues typically start with our family of origin. If you are like me, your family of origin was not ideal. Many people have families that are on the extreme side of dysfunctional. I know a little bit about that. I struggled in early life because we moved numerous times and I never really had any best friends. My father was an alcoholic, and my mother was strapped with five children to raise almost on her own. My father’s absence from the family left me unprepared to be a husband or father.

Does my story sound familiar? Maybe for you, it was even worse. If you suffered abuse, it may be that now your home life or sex life isn’t where it should be. It is hard to build a strong marriage and family while carrying a heavy load of baggage.

What are some questions you can ask yourself that could be healing?

What is the brokenness in my life that I need to be aware of and heal? What do I need to do to achieve healing for the wounds of the past? How do I see my family as a part of the solution to the problems that are occurring in America? How do I see my family as an extension of my faith, my character, and my leadership? How can I transform myself so that I become all that God desires of me in order to guide my family to wholeness?

What to do

  1. What follows is a list of words and groups of words. Write down the ways you have let this area affect you, how you have participated with it. This is neither a forced place nor a condemning place. This is merely a way to see barriers to your transparency. Do this individually. You are looking at your own heart, not your spouses or other family members.REJECTION/BLAME…..FEAR….DEFEAT/HOPELESSNESS….CRITICISM/
    (Thanks to Dr. Don and Renee Worcester for this exercise)
  2. Now share with each other how you may have hurt each other due to what you discovered in the previous exercise. Ask for forgiveness. Your spouse or family member should then grant you forgiveness and tell you that your debt to them is canceled.

I believe that inner healing is critical to having a transparent relationship with family members and an impact on future generations.

Allow this exercise to be a beginning to the healing needed to begin the journey.


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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
Christian Family Legacy and Wealth Planning
Joe believes that stronger families are the vehicle God uses to bring
about significant impact for His Kingdom.

One Comment

  1. Preston Vander Ven Says :
    Posted on June 1, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    Great Article. I agree 100%. Our country is not going to be solved at the top, yet at the based. The Government doesn’t even have power unless the citizens give it power. People are forgetting this. Citizens are the voice, and therefore the solution.
    This country needs a spiritual awakening and if I do my role as a Husband and Father, it will encourage my wife and children to do their parts. To many people think family and marriage is a 50/50 relationship. I will do my part when you do yours. It is a 100/100 role. I do my role 100% regardless of the others input. This is not because I am doing for my family, yet because I am doing my role in honor of our Lord.

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