What is a Family Legacy?

Yesterday, I was watching television and a commercial for First Bank came on. There was five people doing crazy things. One included a person doing a canon ball into a pool of ice. Statements on the screen flashed: Let’s grow business. Let’s create jobs. Then in the final scene: Let’s create a legacy that matters.

My first response was, are you kidding? What a ridiculous statement: “Let’s create a legacy that matters.” It bothered me all day. Maybe this is what the country needs, but to say that is what we need to create as a legacy that matters, bothered me. Does it bother you?

Chuck Swindoll on his Insight for Living radio show talked about a survey of eighty-five-year-old people as they entered the twilight of life.

They were asked what they regretted most about the way they had lived.

The seniors said:

  1. I would have spent more time reflecting in meditation and contemplation.
  2. I would have risked more.
  3. I would have done more things that would live on after I die.

The third response captured my attention because I think a lot about my family legacy. I don’t want to leave behind just my regrets. I want to leave a meaningful legacy that matters.

What is a family legacy?

The dictionary defines legacy as a bequest in a will or something from the past or something outdated or discontinued. Is that what you think when you hear the word legacy? I would like to give you a new definition of legacy.

A legacy is all that is important to you.

  • When I think of leaving a legacy, I think of the Godly virtues that I want to leave my kids and grandkids.
  • I think of leaving with my children their participation into my giving plan.
  • I think of all that I taught them about what Jesus means to me.
  • I think about how I modeled being a warrior for my marriage and family.
  • I think about teaching them to give like Jesus gives to us: selflessly.

A legacy that matters has little to do with business or jobs or riches and money for me. I want to break the cycle of generational sins. I want to demonstrate how to see God’s joy in all that is in life, both the struggles and celebrations. I want to say at times when I am selfishly thinking of myself what Jesus said on the cross, “Into Your hands I commit my spirit”.

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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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