Does God Want Us To Work Harder At Being Good?

If you are Christian man or woman, you probably strive each day to be all that God has made you to be. At the end of the day, you want those around you to recognize your struggles and most importantly, recognize that you are a good husband/wife and father/mother and that you are a conduit of the message of the gospel.

Does God want us to work harder at being good?
Does God want us to leave a legacy of what we are or what we are not?

Moses spent forty years being trained to be everything that accompanied being a young man of a royal family; he was equipped to be a god, a Pharaoh. He spent another forty years in the wilderness discovering what he was not. Only after realizing what he was “not”, God told Moses what he needed him to do. Moses’s response to God was “I am not able,” but God responded: “I AM!”

Legacy is what we leave behind to our children and society.

Is it important that we leave behind the model of a great marriage and a Godly leader in business and the family? Yes, but how we get there is often misunderstood. The right answer is counterintuitive to what we are taught in school, the business world and often in The Church.

You must admit that you are NOT a good father/mother, a good husband/wife, or a good Christian. For God is all that you are not!

1. Acknowledge that I am “not.”
2. God tells me what He is, which includes everything of me I might need that I do not have!
3. Admit my point of need.
4. Do not determine to work harder
5. Call on the grace of God

Grace meets me at my point of need! I often think I can do it myself and thus work harder at being better and only concentrate on meeting this goal of perfection. When I recognize that it is impossible and that He calls me to humility and obedience, I call on His wisdom, discernment and power.

There is life in me – His life, that is a good father, husband and witness, and He is everything to me that I am not. He can be everything to each one of us.


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