Are You Asking the Right Family Legacy Questions?

I am talking about the questions that matter. The ones that go deeper.

As an example,

What do I do to make it to heaven?
We all seem to know the answer to that question. Jesus told us that there are two commandments: One to love the Lord with all our heart, mind and soul. And the second is like it (equally important) love your neighbor as yourself. The first commandment forces you to do the second. What amazes me is that Jesus is telling us that the second command is as important as the first command. So the obvious question would be:

Who is our neighbor?
We have all heard sermons on who the neighbor is and that it is not just those people around you. Our neighbor is all those throughout the world. If we would limit the discussion to those that are near to you another question rises to the surface:

Who sees the kindest part of you?
Is it the people outside the home or in the home? Wow, is that convicting! We all would probably have to admit we are kinder outside the home. We seem to put our family in a different category and, as a result, treat them differently than those outside the home.

Is that the legacy that you want to pass on to your children?
Do you think that this kind of attitude furthers or hinders your marriage?  I believe that the legacy that we leave behind has more to do with how we loved than anything else. Is it time to change the way we love our wives and husbands and children? Sometimes it is easier to love people at a distance, but is that what Jesus is calling us to? Remember love is always specific. Anything else is mere sentiment. Another question that needs to be a part of our love for our neighbor is:

What is your motive for loving?
Love should not come with an outcome. Love is the means and the end. And this is all because we were loved first. It is time that we stop treating people like a project…I know that is hard at times. Yet, if we simply love like Jesus, we could see judgment as an excuse for seeing people as savable verses condemning them.

It may be time to look at your legacy a little differently than an attorney or financial planner wants you to look at it. It is time to send a clear message to your children as to what is important in your life. It is time to honor God with your commitment to love like Jesus and for no other reason than He loved us first. Let’s practice the same kindness inside the home as we practice outside the home!



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