Are you a $7 bottle of wine or a $200 bottle?

How you handle marital, and family issues can best be demonstrated with this analogy: 

In California, farmers typically plant vineyards in the middle of their tree farms to make wine. 

The vineyards are flooded at the right time with fertilizer and bug spray. These plants are pampered to produce great clumps of grapes that are then used to make $7 bottles of wine.

In another section of the vineyard are areas of grapevines that are nearly frozen to the point of death before being planted—water and fertilizer are withheld. By being kept on the verge of death–the end results are very petite grapes, which, because they have been stressed, are packed with flavor and fragrance and are used to produce $200 bottles of wine.

So Which Bottle of Wine Are You? Has God Produced Stress Fruit In Your Life? Do You Accept It Or Avoid It?

Is it your marriage or a child causing you great stress? Or are you struggling with baggage from the past that is holding you back. How you handle each situation or scenario will determine whether you are the $7 bottle of wine or a $200 bottle of wine.

Are You Looking For Abundant Life?

When a man or woman walks the narrow road to the abundant life, they become truly feminine and truly masculine; they become rare models to their children—creating the beginning of a family legacy that will ripple through the generations.

So What Does It Take To Walk That Narrow Road?

To women and men:

  • Don’t label yourself by your struggles and symptoms
  • Don’t define yourself by your history and emotions
  • Don’t identify yourself by your circumstances and challenges
  • Don’t limit yourself by your success and satisfaction

An authentically feminine woman who wants to rise above and travel the road that God has designed for her will refuse to be a slave to how her husband treats her or the pressures of children or a fear of being invisible to those closest to her. She will become inviting to all those around her to the beauty of God’s love. She will encourage others to be consumed and transformed by the God that she sees, invites, nourishes, and enjoys.

An authentically masculine man who wants to rise above all of this and travel the narrow road that God has designed for him will refuse to be a slave to how his wife behaves or his children or his boss or his employees. He will have the courage to move into the lives of those he loves with the weight of divine impact by bringing to each of them the love of Jesus. He will begin to hear their struggles, explore the depths of their struggles and sacrifice himself for the simple pleasure of becoming a servant leader for the needs of others.

The $200 bottle of wine has been through enormous stress, almost to the point of death. It is time to welcome the cross in our lives so that we can put God on display in our world. Your family legacy is dependent on your choice.

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Joe SturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
Christian Family Legacy and Wealth Planning