A Family Legacy: Building a Jesus Core

What I want most for my adult children is that they grow each day closer to dependence on Jesus. I would assume that any Christian father or mother wants the same. That is not happening to my millennial children. Drawn and lead by a world that only honors independence and individuality, they struggle to see my point of view.

How do I create a family legacy of love and dependence on Jesus when I am faced with a society that powerfully and convincingly draws my children to secular thought?

The hardest reality of our faith is that often God wants us to give him our problems and wait. There is no harder battle in life than waiting for the Lord to work on the hearts of our children. It’s tempting to try to solve this problem with the wisdom and truth that God has gifted us. It’s an urgent issue that needs our immediate attention, but we must give it to God… and wait.

When we focus on God’s legacy for our family, we gain the patience to see His plan and wait for his timing. His legacy for us is to live our lives completely dependent on Him. His legacy is that we manage all that He has given us (which is everything) glorifying Him by looking to Him for every decision. So what does He want us to do with our adult children that may have gone by the way of the prodigal son? Nothing!

We must continue to abide. So how do we do that?

  1. Abiding is not something that we do, but constant awareness that we are choosing to trust the Lord completely.
  2. Abiding is not dependent on us, but on Christ, so it is a faith issue. We are the branches. He is the vine. The vine feeds the branches.
  3. If we do not know how to set our minds on things above, then we can at least discover what it is to set our minds on the flesh and refuse to do it! In Luke 9:23 He speaks to saying “no” to every opportunity to set our minds on the flesh and the mind will naturally go to the spirit.
  4. Abiding is the beginning point of an abundant spiritual life; therefore, all powers meet at this point.

When forces would move you from your position in Him, do not succumb to the voice that whispers, “It does not work; it is not for you.” I remember a time when I was wading in a river, and the current pulled me under the water. I did not think “I will never breathe again! Air is a temporary thing; It is not worth breathing”. All I thought about was getting back above the water so that I could breathe again.

We are not to let failure defeat us. Rather, we can get back, start breathing again, and let our focus rest in Christ once more. Regardless of what our children decide for their future, Isn’t that in itself a powerful Legacy?


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