Trusting God’s Plan

Last week I shared about my friend who was told he only had 30 days to live and I challenged you to think about what you would do if you had only 30 days to live. Well, sadly my brother in Christ died on Thursday evening. The question that probably haunts all of us during a senseless death or when our children make horrible decisions or our spouse abuses us or has an affair is:

Why does God allow this to happen?

God definitely permits many things that He has the power to prevent. “and this we shall do, if God permits” Hebrews 6:3. It is easy to praise God for all He prevents such as a car accident that could have killed us. However, there is something that takes much more faith: Can we thank Him for what He has permitted? You have probably heard this statement, “How could a loving God allow such a tragedy happen?” My buddy who died last week had faith as strong as anyone I know. He ministered to prison inmates and virtually everyone he met. He was not afraid to tell people why He had such joy and hope…even through the devastating hardship of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Why him?

If God were to pull you aside and ask you the following question, how would you answer?

“I AM is going to permit a failure in your life, your child’s life, or in the life of your mate. Will you praise Me still? I will use the failure, not fight it; will you praise me still?”

I am not saying God causes failure but He permits it. Can we praise Him for what He permits? Can we see Him at work in it, or do we see only ourselves?

What if God said, “I will allow your child to fail. I will use it. May I have his purity, the perfect life you wanted for him, and the life free of struggle you desired? I will permit and use the loss of those things to bring your child to Me.” Can we let Him allow?  Can we live with the facts? Or do we want to prevent the facts? This does not just apply to families. It also applies to the president that gets elected and world events. Can we praise Him for what He in His wisdom has permitted?

We also need peace with our failures and the failures of others. We need peace in the unexpected turn of events. Where do we get the peace? The same place Jesus found it in Gethsemane. What grief! The grief that God had for making us. What sorrow? The sorrow that God had after making us! Jesus carried it all and in Him, God had peace. Where will I find peace for the death of a beloved brother? In Jesus! He is our peace. Through His grace, I can achieve peace and joy for His will to be done.

Michael Wells tells a silly joke when he asks what is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing? The elephant’s shadow of course. The facts of tragedies and things that God permits weigh nothing in the light of Jesus! My friend Bob is forever joyful with The Lord now and I have peace about that.

This awareness is so important that we should teach this lesson early on in our child’s life. Our children need to understand this crucial principle and it is never too late to teach them.





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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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Joe believes that stronger families are the vehicle God uses to bring about significant impact for His Kingdom.

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