Thirty Days to Live

I have dear friend who has Lou Gehrig’s disease and has less than thirty days to live; a tragedy for a man that devoted his life to serving the Lord in prison ministries and through his martial arts business. Would if that were you? What would you do if a doctor said that you had thirty days to live?

Let’s picture a scene where the doctor tells you just that but with a caveat: you will have no negative physical manifestations until the very last day. For the entire thirty days, you will continue to feel and look like you do right now. You will notice no change in your current energy level until the very last day.

Once the shock sinks in, there is one penetrating question that comes to your mind. “What will I do with my last thirty days on the earth?”

I think I would spend most of the time with my loved ones sharing my love for the Lord without editing or without hesitations. I would get my affairs in order so I don’t leave a mess behind. I would share with so many how much I love them and encourage them and give them hope for the future.

What about you? Would you read that book you always wanted to read, rush back to the office to finish a project, mend some broken relationships, take a vacation of a lifetime or meet with people that have influenced you the most to thank them?

I think if you had thirty days to live, the really important things in life would become more obvious. You, maybe for the first time, would be able to distinguish between what is urgent and what is important, what is real and what is superficial and what is lasting and what is temporary.

All of a sudden, you would realize how precious life is!

Few of us ever know the exact number of days we have left, so we can “get our house in order” before we say good-bye to this life and those we leave behind. You may be thinking right now that your priorities are sometimes wrong and self-seeking. What would life be like if you did things every day as if you only had thirty days to live?

I have told my kids that there is only one first time for something so cherish it. There is a first time you see your newborn baby. There is a first time that you kiss your wife. There is a first time that you say I love you to your wife. There is a first time that you ask the Lord for forgiveness. I don’t often think of a last time for things because I rarely know when that will be, but you can chart the first time for everything. Recognizing the blessings of every moment recognizes that all is a gift from God and worthy of His praise.

My buddy who is dying through this horrible disease will soon see the Lord. He told me so a couple of days ago. I think he has a peace in him because he has had such a powerful influence on so many that he has shared the gospel with. He has truly been a conduit of God’s peace and truth. I don’t think he has too many regrets. We have shared so much about our love of the Lord and the Bible. I will miss him and our times together; but I so want him to leave behind all of the misery he endured this past couple of years. We have talked about heaven and what it is and what the Lord has prepared for each one of us that believes.  I told him more than once to save a basement room in the mansion that he will soon be in in heaven.

If I have thirty days to live, I hope that I can look back, like my friend Bob, and see that I was not shy about sharing my hope. I know now that is what I want to do each day as if it were my last thirty days. What about you?




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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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Joe believes that stronger families are the vehicle God uses to bring about significant impact for His Kingdom.

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