Difficult Questions From Adult Children #6

This is the final blog edition addressing difficult questions about Christianity from your children or anyone else that might have questions about your faith. Since this final question is a sensitive one, I want to proceed with my personal background first. I grew up a Catholic. I left the Catholic Church when my parents were granted an annulment of their marriage of 20 years. My mother had to go through the entire divorce twice a few years after she had recovered from the initial trauma. My father had been unfaithful and married the woman whom he had the affair with. The only reason he wanted the annulment was to be accepted in the Catholic Church again.

I have nothing against Catholics, but against some of the “rules” that were created by the church that doesn’t appear in the Bible. There are many born again Christians in the Catholic Church, so I do not want this blog to offend them. But it is important for even Catholics to see the truth in the Bible. The question this week is:




“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—“ John 1:12

Eternal Life can only come with our sorrow for our sins and the acceptance of Jesus as our savior and Lord. That cannot be done by anyone else. It must be our own confession and acceptance of the Truth about Jesus. All Catholics who went through Catholic schools have bee Catechized. The good news is that Catholics believe in the Virgin birth and understand the Bible to a degree. They also believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We as Christians have more in common with Catholics than Agnostic Protestants.

What many Catholics believe, which is not supported by the Bible, is that Baptism at birth is your ticket to heaven. There is nothing in the Bible about our assurance of salvation by someone else baptizing us when we do not have the faculties to understand what is going on. As a result, only the rebirth baptism as an adult or a knowing child can bring salvation. And even then it must be supported by the fruits of the Spirit and actions.

All of these question from our children or from those that challenge our faith can be a starting point for someone to open their heart to Jesus. But even a smart and well thought out answer must be given with love and humility. We should also be aware that we don’t have to answer all the questions before they can become real Christians.

It is through the power of God’s free grace that people are able to accept the gospel. Your goal should be to bring them face-to-face with Jesus, not your church or system or group but with the Lord Himself. Jesus is the only answer!

Also a word of caution: Becoming a Christian doesn’t automatically solve all the personal problems that the individual may bring to their newfound faith. You know that, so don’t be afraid to tell them that. They will walk the same path, but that path will have the grace of God to sustain. Their focus will and should be eternity rather than just today. Hopefully, this series has been a help to you in your witness but also to you in your understanding of your faith. Please get back to me with feedback and questions… they are always welcome. 


Source: Alister Begg www.truthforlife.org


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