Difficult Questions From Adult Children #2

In the last blog, we began a discussion of questions about our faith that our children might ask us and how to answer those questions. In a day and age when Christianity is discounted and dismissed by our children, it is helpful to know what to say when our children approach us so as not to lose the opportunity to reveal God’s truth to them. Last week I addressed the first question “why should I accept the the Bible as truth?” and the closely related, “Do you really believe all that is in the Bible?” both posed by my son. See my answer here.


This week we address a few more questions. Before I begin I want to quote Paul Little from his book, How to Give Away Your Faith,

“Unless the Holy Spirit illumines a person’s mind to see the truth as truth unless He bends that person’s proud will to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ, no words of ours will penetrate. But in the hands of God, an intelligent answer to a person’s question may well be the instrument God uses to open his or her heart and mind to the Gospel.”


Do not think it is someone else’s job! God may have chosen you to reveal the truth. The second difficult question that is often asked by those looking to avoid God’s word is:



 In Gen. 18:25 scripture declares that God, who is judge of all the earth is just and fair. The second thing to share is that we do not know everything nor have we been told everything in the Bible. God has not intended for us to know everything. That would take eternity to reveal. The verse that reveals this is Deut. 29:29, “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow the words of this law.”


It is not a cop out to say to our children that there are things that are not revealed to us by God. Now we can state with certainty what the Scriptures do make clear. In Luke 16:19-31 and Hebrews 9:27 the Bible does not teach the salvation of everyone in the end nor the possibility of a second chance. It teaches us that every person has a God-given standard of moral compass within him or her. C.S. Lewis refers to this in his book Mere Christianity.

As a result, nobody will be condemned for rejecting Jesus Christ of whom they have never heard. Each person in that case will be judged for knowingly violating those moral standards with which they have been born. They will be condemned for violating their own moral standard. Rom. 2:12-16 What makes this statement hard is that there is not indication given in Scripture that anyone may ever be saved apart from Jesus Christ. Acts 4:12

The real question is not what about those that never heard the gospel but what about you who have? Yes it is one of those mysteries how the heathen will be saved, but it is not a mystery when you have been confronted with the gospel. So your children may need to accept this mystery for others of how they can be saved, but not for themselves because the gospel has been presented to them.

We may feel uneasy that we have not said enough, but the truth is we have said enough. Evangelizing all the world is a pressing issue because of this mystery, but what we are concerned about now is the children we have that have heard. The difficult question that comes next follows this:




I will give the answer to that question in the next blog.


Source: Alistair Begg


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