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Watch video: Learn how Family Arc helps you archive important family memories and collaborate across generations near and far to collect and preserve legacy.

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How to Maximize Your Family Legacy And Impact

Download this free ebook that will help you understand the Kardia process and what’s possible once you discover how to eliminate taxes by focusing on Kingdom causes that will enable you to build an enduring family legacy.

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Why Kardia?

Unlike other organizations that help you make donations, Kardia helps you make a difference—and to make that difference with your family. God is calling you to think bigger. We believe God is calling your family to be strengthened and to become better stewards that can have real, lasting impact for Kingdom causes. Our services eliminate taxes legally by increasing your giving. Through our unique wealth planning process—we identify the strategies and methods that maximize your wealth and enable you to maintain your current lifestyle while experiencing greater purpose, joy and fulfillment. By being the family responsible for making a change for good in the lives of people you care most about—Kardia helps you plan and realize your family legacy that can change the world for God’s glory.