In the past month, we have seen floods, hurricanes, earth quakes and lots of other natural disasters. The most commonly heard question is where is God? Why would God allow this? In addition, you might have asked God why He would allow a prolonged sickness in a child or your marriage to fail, a close relationship to break, your company to fire you or the horrible thing that person did to you when you were young…Why God?

I am a Legacy Planner for Christian families and believe me, I have heard this question a lot from people who want to be good Christians. It is so hard for us Christians to put aside our fears and anxieties and simple humanness to see through God’s eyes. I want to assure you that it is ok for you to feel this way. It is natural. God understands.

I remember years ago when I went through a divorce my counselor was a very astute Christian. He noticed how bothered I was about the divorce. He said, “You don’t believe Jesus will love you because of the divorce do you?” I thought about it and responded with tears, “I think you are right.” He then asked a rather curious question, “What would you do if one of your Christian friends were going through a divorce?” I quickly answered, “I would show compassion and not judge them and be there for them in whatever way I could.” He then said, “So you are bigger than God?” Wow, did I get it then! God in all his mercy would continue to love me beyond the divorce and would be compassionate and understanding.

My point is that we all immediately see our precious God as harsh, demeaning and judgmental. We seldom see through his eyes. I remember the last time I played chess with someone who obviously studied the game. I felt like a lamb led to slaughter. Someone who knows chess can see all the pieces and every move way ahead of where you are currently.  They know how each move will play out and generally know how you will react to their moves.

God is truly in complete control. Hard sometimes to know that when our loving God allows tragedy, or when we screw up or sin. But He is interested in one thing and only one thing: our justification and sanctification. He is interested in the conversion of all of us to Him and He relentlessly pursues us with whatever means possible. Sometimes a tragedy is just the ticket to the hearts of people in so many ways.

Dr. Tony Evans says it this way, “When God allows troubles and trials in your life, He has a purpose to bring you to the fulfillment of your destiny. The struggles you have faced which have given birth to unforgiveness are not some random chaotic mess, as they may have appeared. God has a purpose for what He allows. Unfortunately, we often miss that purpose because we get too focused on the pain.”

What I struggle with is how Satan messes with us and our world. Know that Satan can do nothing without God’s permission. Why does God permit Satan to mess with us? That question will frustrate you quickly if you don’t live with a perspective of God’s sovereignty.

Here is the answer that will help you with all the messes in your own life and all the natural disasters we are now experiencing and I turn to Dr. Evans for help. “Sovereignty means that God either causes all things to happen, or He allows all things to happen. Yet whether He causes it or allows it, when everything is finished, it will come out the way He wants it to come out for those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28)—for those who, like Peter, don’t ‘lose the faith.’ To ‘lose the faith’ doesn’t mean to lose your salvation or to stop believing in God. Rather, it is a reference to giving up, throwing in the towel, trading love for hate, fear for trust, and self-preservation for giving. It is what Jesus prayed would not happen to Peter when Satan sifted him, tested him and struck away at his soul. So important is this principle that Jesus himself prayed for Peter, and, as a result, Peter held on to his faith.


God’s method of bringing you to maturity is often times through trials that train. Similarly, those trials often include offenses that others have done or are doing, or from natural disasters.

How you answer the question of “why” in your life will have everything to do with how far you go to fully manifesting and experiencing the “why” you have been placed here on earth for—which is to live out your purpose. When you understand that God allows things to happen in order to strengthen you, you will be able to grow to a place where you can forgive and let go.


Leave that Legacy for your children and they will grow to be purposeful humble servants to our Savior.




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joe-sturnioloBy Joe Sturniolo
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Joe believes that stronger families are the vehicle God uses to bring about significant impact for His Kingdom.

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