Freeing Yourself of Resentment 3

This is the third and final blog in a series on curing yourself of the dreaded resentment that you may have toward someone in your life who, may or may not deserve the hatred. We have already reviewed 8 solutions in the last two blogs (review them here: first 4, second 4) and now we will finish with the final three.


9.) Don’t fight your resentments—surrender them. Anytime you fight something it tends to grow larger. If you don’t fight it, it tends to disappear. Maybe you have huge disappointments with life such as a childless marriage or you have been denied a life partner or your marriage is anything but perfect. If you are willing to be honest with God and simply surrender it to Him and allow Him to deal with it He will show you how to love your life.


10.) In surrendering the resentments to God, you may have to expose them to others. Dr. Loring Swain, says E Stanley Jones, shared a story. “Together, the patient and I try to expose resentments, fears, conflicts, or actual hatreds…For example, without any physical reason we could find, a woman in the hospital began vomiting every morning after breakfast. It was discovered she was full of self-pity and resentment against others in her ward who had visitors, and she had none. She was blind to her jealousy, which was the root of the emotional upset causing her illness. Repentance freed her, and apology restored friendly relations with her neighbors.  These two acts cured her resentments and her vomiting.”


11.) Be so inwardly outgoing and happy that resentments can have no part or lot in you. This all goes back to returning good for evil. Do you really want to lower yourself and divorce yourself from your Savior by returning evil for evil? Luther said, “My soul is too glad and too great to be the enemy of any man.”

Again E Stanley Jones relates a beautiful story to demonstrate this point: Tokichi Ishii, awaiting his death sentence in a Japanese prison, stumbled accidentally upon the passage in the New Testament, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do,” he said that, and in a flash, he saw the whole meaning of Christianity. That verse, he said, “pierced my heart like a five-inch nail,” and he was forever changed.


You see, the whole point of all of this is that God forgives and forgets all of our sins. So He expects us to do the same.


If you cut off others from your forgiveness, then you cut off yourself from God’s forgiveness. The wonder of God’s forgiveness to us should send us out joyously




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  1. Darlene Anderson
    Posted on April 20, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    I know you are probably very familiar with these verses…Philppians 3:13&14…darlene
    Enjoyed..you have learned much by going thru a difficult marriage..i wonder where your walk would be today if God hadn’t allowed this to happen in your life??hmm? Would you be able to write so eloquently and knowledgeably on this subject? Makes you stop and think..and maybe ..just maybe..give thanks that He graced you..loved you so much that He would bless (whaat?)..your life with a lousy 8 years..always He has a purpose..and yes it has been a blessing in disguise..such a blessing!!…look at the result!! .look at what you can say and the encouragement you are to others experiencing resentment…..all for the Glory of His Son Jesus Christ

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