Freeing Yourself of Resentment 2

In my last blog, I discussed the first four steps of eleven to releasing yourself of this dreaded disease called resentment (hate). Today I am going to tackle 4 more. Again, understand this is something I have had to address in my own life. I don’t think you can escape from resentment because this is a world filled with unbelievers and evil. When it touches you, your humanity rears its head and your dependence on God’s grace is the only solution.


5.) Shake off the dust. It is imperative that we get rid of ALL the dust when we walk away from someone who does not receive us or shames us. We are not to let the attitudes of people cling to us; their very dust must not become a part of us. We don’t want some dust – of resentment, of inward hurt, of lingering mental debate – to cling to us and spoil the victory. For instance, I hear some say that they forgive, but they are not told to forget. Really? The dust must be completely gone if we are to walk in faith with Jesus. We must forgive others as God forgives and forgets our sins.


6.) This does not mean that you have to like people and what they do. Ah, you say, an out. Christians are people that love people that they don’t like. This is not impossible. We must love them for what they might be with the grace of God. That very love and faith might actually help create the new person.


7.) Go beyond praying for people who do you wrong; bless them in Christ’s name. I know, this one seems impossible for some of the people that actually curse you. Here is a trick that I think could help. Every time the name of a person you dislike (or loathe) is mentioned, breathe a prayer for them. You beat down rising resentments by a barrage of prayer. If you make this a habit, you become the person that God intends and it is not an issue any longer. Make this unalterable good will.


8.) Remember that sum total of reality is behind you when you love; you are behind you when you hate. Love is positive; hate is negative.  Pretty obvious. Love heals and hate wounds both them and you. Love lasts and lasts; hate stings itself to death.


It is all about inner satisfaction and joy, particularly when the outer is not working. “Live within when you can’t live without.” Then you will be strong enough to overflow any obstacle and inundate it with love.


A group of pigeons were feeding near a fountain. One pigeon was rather pugnacious and was constantly fighting the rest of them. It was a losing game for the angry bird. He wasn’t feeding. The rest stepped out of his way and kept on feeding, while he wasted time and temper and nourishment in fighting others.






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  1. Darlene Anderson
    Posted on April 11, 2017 at 2:44 am

    I am encouraged with what you have written..all of your last 4 blogs..you are knowledgeable (praise Him) and you are kind in what you say, not condemning but understanding the way our human nature..our sin nature.. wants to direct us…yet you gently lead others to see that Christ is the only way to have the strength..the faith..to break the bonds of hate..resentment..it is His work alone!!!!..praise God for the change that is happening in you and in others who are reading your blogs. Give Him all the Glory…in Christ..darlene

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