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Why should I meet with Kardia before meeting with my estate planning attorney?

Kardia’s wealth and estate planning solutions start with our vested interest in preserving your family’s financial legacy in the way God intended.

A typical estate planning attorney will focus on legally documenting your final wishes and reducing estate taxes. They might develop a flowchart that shows complex trusts and in-depth descriptions of these items. Most will ask if you are charitably inclined, and if so arrange for the use of charitable donations to reduce estate taxes with some of the many tools mentioned above. It is common that whatever is left over will be divided among the heirs, and most likely includes provisions for younger recipients.  An estate attorney is a very important part of our process and having a good one is essential, but it’s not the place to start.  Estate Attorney’s get paid for drafting complex legal documents that will be executed the way you want after you are gone. They do not usually have a vested interest in spending hours of time with you discovering the unique nuances and tapestry of your family and what God has to say about the wealth he has blessed you with.

First things first…
Kardia helps you establish answers to many important questions first, such as: What does God have to say about the wealth he has blessed us with? How much is enough for us? How much is enough for our children? How do we transfer our virtues and a legacy of faith to our heirs? How do we prepare them for their inheritance? How do make sure their inheritance a blessing, not a curse? If they are not prepared, how do we help them become prepared?  When we start with questions like these, and then use that knowledge with the creative combination of over 95 different planning tools available, the result is always dramatically different. In most cases we reduce estate taxes to zero, eliminate capital gains taxes and reduce income taxes.  We also commonly expand the total value of the estate and what can go to heirs, although many of our clients choose not to increase this amount unless it supports a specific purpose. See some of our actual before and after results here.  Most importantly, you will be confident you are managing the wealth God entrusted to you wisely and continuing to nurture and develop the legacy of the Kingdom to your heirs.

For affluent Christian families, it is important to discover all the aspects of successful wealth transfer and develop a plan that not only satisfies your financial desires but relational and spiritual desires as well. Some clients might ask – “Why do we need Kardia if we know our virtues and values and we can express these to an estate planning attorney ourselves?” One of the biggest mistakes families make in creating an estate plan is keeping it a secret until the heirs are left hearing the results in an attorney’s office or through written letters. It is too late then to reconcile broken or strained relationships amongst family members and misses an invaluable opportunity to share and nurture wisdom and your legacy of faith.  God has called us to be stewards of His assets in this life, and to pass on this knowledge that He has given us to create a new generation of willing servants. Kardia is here to help you pass on a Legacy – not just your wealth, and to do that in a way that serves the Kingdom of God.

A One-time plan doesn’t work…
Many clients who have used Kardia’s planning have actually done an estate plan before, but in addition to the relational and spiritual aspects it was missing, it just sits on their shelf. Kardia’s process is ongoing and maintained yearly.  It includes important legal and financial updates and family meetings where we strategically help you reveal your plan with your heirs and share with them the decisions you’ve made. Clients host yearly or quarterly meetings (sometimes doubling as a vacation) in which charitable contributions are decided together – and sometimes carried out through mission trips or other hands-on ways of putting their family wealth to work the way God has specifically called them to.  They also use this time for educating heirs, and opening lines of communication or addressing problems that have arisen. We continually update and benchmark the goals that are set up at the beginning of the process and help you move toward achieving them.

We have been told time and again the experience with Kardia is revealing, impactful, healing, and enjoyable. To learn more about our process visit us here.

eliminate taxes christian family wealth planningBy investing and committing to Kingdom causes—Kardia’s proven tax-reduction strategies help your family legally reduce estate and capital gains taxes by significantly freeing up capital so you can make significant progress towards your calling and goals.

maintain lifestyle smallIt is important to maintain what you have worked so hard to build. We help you answer the question: “How much is enough?” The Kardia process enables you to continue to live your life the way you want—but with greater purpose and joy. View example case studies.

build-christian-family-legacyProviding a thoughtful and discerning inheritance is central to maximizing family relationships and creating an enduring family legacy. We help you plan the “right” inheritance for those you love and care about. “An inheritance gained hastily at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.” —King Solomon, Proverbs 20:21
family impactChristian families with a heart to support Kingdom causes can make a significant impact in the world. Through the Kardia process we can help you maximize your giving for real impact with the charities and ministries you are most passionate about. Through our process, you will experience greater purpose, joy and fulfillment. View example case studies.
maximize family legacyWe typically witness something amazing when working with families through the Kardia process. Your family is brought closer together—and in God’s way, if it His will; He will strengthen and heal the bonds of those you hold dear. At the end of the process, your family will have a renewed sense of purpose, vision, direction and clarity that maximizes your family mission and love for one another. At Kardia, this is our greatest reward; to see your family maximized for God’s Kingdom.leo.
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How to Maximize Your Family Legacy And Impact

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