Marriage Needs A Storm Shelter!

Dennis Rainey of Family Life tells a story of one difficult year in his marriage:

One tough year, my dad died suddenly; we were cheated out of several thousand dollars on a house purchase; our one-year-old son had surgery; I had to go back to my hometown and run our family’s propane business during the worst winter in U.S. history; Barbara nearly died, with a heart rate of over three hundred beats a minute; and we found out she was pregnant!

During those twelve months, they described their marriage in one word: commitment. Through the flood waters of daily life, they stayed together as a couple only with their faith and hope in Jesus.

Every couple wants to leave a legacy of marriage that is strong, vital and God-centered. There is no greater gift that you can give to your children than a marriage that models the love of Jesus for His church and the love of the church for Jesus. This is the principle reason for our marriage, to model that relationship between Jesus and the church.

But the question that most couples either already have faced or will face at some point is: How do you model the relationship between Christ and the church through trials that cascade throughout a marriage? You PRAY.

Three ways prayer creates a storm shelter for your marriage:

1. Don’t prepare for the storm after the wind starts blowing!
Seems obvious, but most miss this point. To prepare before the storm hits, you need to set up a storm shelter: praying together each day – even if you miss a day. I have said this before: less than 1% of marriages fail when a couple prays together each day.

2. Prayer knits your hearts together before God.
In my marriage, we have been so tempted to turn against one another (and actually have for a time) in the midst of difficult times, but God has used prayer to fuse our hearts together, and we are slowly learning what it means to become one.

3. Through prayer together, God gives the wisdom to handle what you are facing (James 1:2-8).
When you get into battles with each other and with the forces outside you, wisdom is needed. If you want the wisdom of truth, you must turn to God and then be patient and forbear the hardship for a time.

You surely already know, even if you have been married for a short time, that storms are a part of marriage. Pride and selfishness are also one of the battles that seep into every marriage. The spiritual house of a marriage is built on prayer together. Every day there needs to be a time carved out and set aside for prayer together. Men, one of the responsibilities that God has given us is to lead the family spiritually. (1)Plan a time for prayer each day with your wife. The best time is first thing in the morning. (2)Stick to a half an hour so that the time is meaningful. This may be the best decision you have ever made for your marriage. Stay tuned into my blogs for more ideas on how to develop successful daily prayer sessions.

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