How To Find A Christian Financial Planner

When searching for financial advisors on Google you end up with approximately two million results. But once you add the keyword “Christian” as in Christian Financial Advisor the results yielded are only 4,000. That’s roughly 2/10 of 1% of the total. The results seem rather low considering the number of financial advisors who hold a biblical perspective.

Larry Burkett, a well-regarded radio personality, began an organization called Kingdom Advisors just before his untimely death. His intent was to train and encourage Financial Planners to service clients with an eternal perspective that use Biblical Wisdom. Ron Blue took over the organization, and they have trained over 1,000 advisors to integrate biblical wisdom into their advice and counsel.

In my opinion, since money is the way that we work out our value and belief system, it is integral that the professional advice that we receive is rooted in biblical financial principles.

To find an advisor who has been through the course work and is now a Qualified Kingdom Advisor, go to their website: http://www.kingdomadvisors.org

You will find a list of qualified advisors along with addresses and phone numbers.

When choosing a Christian financial advisor, consider looking for the following characteristics:

  • Financial advice rooted in and consistent with God’s Word
  • Advice consistent with an eternal perspective and world view
  • Technical competence, signaled by a certain number of years in the industry and/or professional designations
  • Advisors who have taken the time to equip themselves to integrate biblical financial wisdom

Once you know that the advisor is Christian and has the biblical training as well, you need to know if they can service your particular needs. Not all advisors have the training and experience in all areas of planning. Some are specialists in investments while others are specialists in only financial planning. Of those who are specialists in planning, very few have done plans that involve large estates (40M+). So it is important to ask a few questions that may help you select a Christian planner that fits your needs:

  1. Is your planning process overtly Christian and do you use biblical financial principles in your planning?
  2. How many families do you do planning for annually?
  3. How many families have you worked with whom have a net worth equal to or higher than ours?
  4. May we talk to someone who has done a plan with you?
  5. Will we be working directly with the President and CEO of your firm?
  6. How much time do you devote to getting to know us and our situation before you start planning?
  7. How long will it take to go through your planning process?
  8. How much personal time will you spend with us in the planning process?
  9. Will you conduct family meetings to help us communicate our plans to our heirs and help us prepare them for their inheritance?
  10. Do you work with our existing advisors or will we work with you in place of our current advisors?
  11. Once the plan you design for us is implemented, what are our on-going service to help keep the plan current?
  12. How do you handle future changes that will require maintenance on or modifications to our plan?
  13. How do you get paid?

If you are looking for a Christian financial planner, please contact us at 303.752. 0590. Kardia is a member of the Kingdom Advisors Network. We handle large estates and have the experience and expertise to help you through the complexities of your planning.

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