What Do WD-40 And Windex Have In Common With Forgiveness?

Many of you probably remember the fix everything qualities of Windex in the movie, My Greek Wedding. In a similar way, Dennis Rainer uses WD-40 to fix almost anything in his house. So what is the one thing that can save most marriages?

When it comes to squeaks in a marital relationship, forgiveness is a bit like Windex and WD-40. Mixing forgiveness with the habit of praying together each day is sure to reduce friction and make a marriage run more smoothly. In fact, I can say from experience and research, it can save your marriage no matter how serious the problems.

The latest studies have shown that only 1 and 1,200 marriages end when the two are praying together each day!

Why do I talk about this issue in the context of impacting your Christian family legacy? The most important reason to model a loving, caring, forgiving marriage is that your children will be impacted for decades by your example. Legacy is not just about money. In fact, it has little to do with money. It is about passing on your loving relationship with the Lord. It is hard to model that if your marriage is a disaster or simply unloving.

John Piper says, “Marriage is the doing of God and the display of God—especially his grace.” His grace is best displayed in forbearance and forgiveness.

To build your marriage on a rock of grace, forgiveness and forbearance (endurance), it must be a daily activity. Why this emphasis on forgiving and forbearing rather than, say, on romance and enjoying each other? Allow me to use an example that John Piper uses in his book, The Momentary Marriage:

Picture your marriage as a grassy field with flowers and trees and endless beauty. You enter the marriage with hope and joy. You look out at the future and all you can see is flowers and trees and rolling hills. And that beauty is what you see in each other. Your relationship is the field of flowers and rolling hills. But before long, you begin to step in cow pies. Some seasons of your marriage they may seem to be everywhere. Late at night they are especially prevalent. These are the sins, flaws, idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and annoying habits in you and in your spouse. You may even try to forgive them and endure them with grace.

But they have a way of dominating the relationship. It may not even be true, but sometimes it feels like that’s all there is—cow pies.


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