Live for Eternity and Leave Behind the Footprint of Jesus

When talking to people about leaving a God filled Legacy, I often hear them speak of living for eternity. By that, I mean living your life not for what impact you can have now, but what impact you can have for eternity.

Should we be concerned about what we leave behind as a Legacy as well?

  1. St. Augustine lived through the fall of Rome in A.D. 410 after eight hundred years of dominance. It was his challenge to trust God and live faithfully during this turmoil, breakdown and distress, and to articulate a vision of the kingdom of God that would live beyond Rome. He was truly living for eternity rather than trusting what was occurring on earth. He was by some estimates the leader of the transition from the old world to the new world. He was indeed leaving a Legacy.
  1. Daniel was another who understood the message of living for eternity. Not since the captivity in Egypt had the Jews been strangers in a strange land as they found themselves when defeated and deported as exiles to Babylon in the sixth century B.C. Yet for Daniel and his friends, the task was to sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land. His rulers were pagan and not Jewish and his source was God’s disclosure in dreams, visions, and symbols. He was victorious and left a dynamic Legacy.
  1. Today we face some of the same challenges. We are hearing the same rhetoric that Carl Marx and Lenin talked about. They spoke of revolution and dissension and polarization in the name of the people but were in retrospect self-serving. Their policies were a disaster to the majority of the people and disastrous to society as history reveals. Their policies, like those of the self-appointed prophets of today, only succeed in dishonoring the cause of God and truth. Did they leave a lasting legacy?

Are we to live for eternity and disregard the forces against us? Are we to battle the challenges to truth and not compromise? Christianity is bound to be influential in the future in one way or another—either through faithfulness or its failure.

The one fact that Daniel reminds us is that “It is Heaven that rules.” God is the source of all power. God gives power and takes it away. The one truth that we as Christians know and should be reminded of is that the many details of the final future are unknown but lie in the good hands of God.

So yes, we can confidently live a life for eternity, knowing that the Father is in charge. But my question remains, should we be concerned about what we leave behind?

An emphatic yes! Our Legacy is one way that God empowers us to renew, reform, restore and more specifically return this generation to His calling. It is time that we as parents lead our children by the Spirit of God and not compromise. As with planting a garden, we can fertilize all the plants and water regularly and have all the sun that is needed and yet some plants still do not flourish. It is our duty to water and fertilize and bring the light of God to our children leaving a legacy of hope, direction and truth.

Our Christian renaissance will be one where Christians stubbornly live for eternity and leave a Legacy of hope and meaning. Only then will generations grow in that knowledge. As William Wilberforce said during his own revival, “Let a thousand flowers bloom!”

Luke said in Luke 8:15, “…bear fruit with perseverance.”

In Colorado, we are blessed with a precious tree that demonstrates this principle: the aspen. The aspen does not have seeds but sends up shoot from its roots. One tree, then, can spawn a thousand; a whole forest is often attached to one tree! So it is with Jesus. Every true tree must come from the root of the True Tree. We are to spawn more trees through our work for eternity with our children and those children that become brothers and sisters in Christ. The aspen grove has great trees, and weak trees… and some dead. Yet every one of them is attached to the same root; they are all given the same potential.

It is our duty as Christians to share God’s glory with our children to give them the same potential. It is up to God to bring to them to the Spirit and to help them grow in Sanctification.

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