An Ethiopian Message For Our Country

This past weekend, my wife and I had lunch with a good friend and his wife. He and his wife came to this country from Ethiopia about eight years ago. He is now 60, so his experience with the United States is still relatively new. At one point in the conversation, he said that he could not get out of his mind that the U.S. has only been around a little over 200 years and had become the leader of the free world in that time. His amazement was based on his country being over 5000 years old and continued to struggle for direction.

He was so intrigued with this fact, that he went into a library and asked the librarian to point out all the books that would help him answer the question why this fledgling country could put together a super power in so little time. She was amazed by the question and wanted to know the answer herself. She researched the books and came up with multiple books for him to read.

After a lot of study he came up with three reasons that the founding fathers accomplished so much that, despite the unrest we see today, is still true.

1. The Founding Fathers put all of their Hope and Trust in God.
They believed in the freedom of religion and believed that all truth came from God. That is seen in all the documents that they produced. At one point, George Washington was asked to be king of the U.S. He flatly refused and promptly resigned from the presidency. He was outraged that they would think of such a thing. You see in Europe at the time, leaders did everything they could so that their reign continued for their entire life. George knew that was dangerous and wouldn’t help a country grow.

2. The Founding Fathers were Brilliant, Well Read, and Very Well Educated.
They were leaders in their fields and had exceptional minds. They knew the government structures of multiple countries as well as what worked and what didn’t. They were stubbornly focused on creating a government that would be the envy of everyone around the world and they had no one to answer to in doing so—even if King George thought otherwise.

3. The Founding Fathers were Selfless.
One of the key tenants of Christianity, and of those men, was selflessness. They knew that what they were doing was dangerous, and they were putting their lives on the line. They were creating a government that was ultimately for the people. As opposed to the Marxist doctrine which gave lip service to helping the people, but was designed to help an elite few that would govern and suppress the majority.

So what has happened with our leadership?

In one word… Godlessness.

Despite the rhetoric, our leadership has lost the essence of the original founders: that God creates all truth and that we are merely humble servants of that truth. Today it is about the rights of the individual which in so many cases trumps truth. If you go back to one of the original Webster dictionaries, you will find that the definition of truth and rights is all about God and His truth for our lives. Today that same dictionary does not even mention God.

What is the Legacy that you want your children to have? Maybe it is time to teach our children the “truth” about how this country was founded and why it matters. Maybe we can tell the story of so many cultures that lost the meaning of truth and then failed. You won’t have to do much research because history is filled with country after country that missed that one point and, as a result, fell apart.

My good friend from Ethiopia was a Communist. He explains that communism is merely the maturity of socialism. He saw in his country that communism was destroying his country economically and wanted that to change. He was put in jail in solitary confinement for his complaints and words of wisdom. While in jail he read and studied and discovered Jesus as the way, the truth, and the light of the new way for his country and for him. He now travels all over the world to teach about Jesus.

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