A Message For Our Children About Wealth (Part 3)

Our children, if properly educated about faith and Jesus, can be saved from the heartache that is at the end of every one of the dead end roads that Solomon references in Ecclesiastes such as pleasure, laughter and treasures. Or they may simply choose to resist the influence of their parents who brought them to this place as a result of their own failed attempt to find any meaning down these same roads.

I can only warn that our children will end up at the end of these roads bloodied, beaten, and sad even if they remain happy in their pursuit. Because eventually, they will arrive at one final destination before the throne of God where they will have to answer to God why they chose to reject all that He offered at the crossroads through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. They cannot run away from this! Nor can we.

Is your faith one that models what you want for your children?
If so, it is time for your children to make your faith their faith. They need to trust Christ for themselves. This is not about the hypocrisy at times of their mother or father or anyone else. They will not stand in their parents or anyone else’s custody before God. They will stand alone with a faith of their own. They need a savior just like their parents. All the bombardment of these dead-end streets will increase as they age; it will not be reduced.

One of the reasons that our kids might be down those streets is because perhaps at some point in our life, we have given too much meaning to our work, pleasure, alcohol, drugs or something else.

This is not meant to be a guilt trip. It is the reality for a majority of our generation. We all built castles in the air and now we want our children not to make the same mistake. Solomon was right…we are all striving after wind.

If you want to build your house on a rock instead of sand, understand the true and living God and why he made all of these things. I don’t want you to take from this message that Christianity is disinterested in education, pleasure, laughter, work or employment. Nothing could be further from the truth. What I am saying is that none of these pursuits will bring deep meaning or answer your deepest longings in and of themselves. When you understand the true and living God, why you have been made and why Christ died for you, then all of a sudden the enjoyment of these things becomes a wonderful proposition that has hope and meaning.

One of the saddest books that you could read and one that I do not recommend is The Private Diaries, Memos and Letters of Howard Hughes. He was once the richest man in the world. He was ultimately the great hedonist. He traveled all the roads that Solomon went down – he went down them all.

Memo from Las Vegas 1969 to Robert Mayhue, who was his key man who he had given everything and entrusted everything in terms of his business empire: “Bob I want you to remember one thing, I can buy any man in the world or I can destroy him. If that wasn’t true, people like me would not exist.” Then the biographer goes on to say, “In the 2 years that Howard Hughes had been in Las Vegas his bed sheets had only been changed 5 times. The shag carpet in his bedroom had never been vacuumed, the end table had never been dusted and the bathroom never had been cleaned. His closets began to fill with mason jars of urine. The order of rubbing alcohol barely camouflaged the stench from his rotting teeth and fungus contorted nails. His greatest dilemma at this point, which is exactly what we have been talking about was: “what am I going to do with all of this stuff?” He was annoyed and frustrated because this guy Bob, to whom he had entrusted so much, began to think for himself. Howard did not want him to think for himself because if he thought for himself, he feared: he may think me right out of the equation. So he continued writing prolonged memos that were about absolutely nothing. Howard went down every dead end street… one after another. Eventually, it ensnared and killed him.

The only solid joys, the only lasting treasures that may be discovered in all the journey of life are those joys and treasures that are found in a personal relationship with God who said by means of the Bible, “Careful…don’t go there. Instead, trust my son. I sent Him to make your life rich and to fill you with all the joy possible.” So we must choose today, whom we are going to serve? How will we share this message with our children so that they may cut short those dead end streets once and for all? It is time that we leave a legacy that matters and that will last for eternity!

Thanks to Alistar Begg for these ideas



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