5 Ways to Assess Your Shadow Beyond the Grave

Our life on this earth is indeed short. I am 66 and life seems so fleeting. Eternity on the other hand is rather hard to envision. What are those that you leave behind going to remember about you? What is the shadow that you are casting after you die? What will your legacy be? 

Interesting question, wouldn’t you say? I like to call that shadow your legacy. But now I am targeting what and how you will be remembered.

Will people will be glad that you lived or will they easily forget you? Will they cherish memories with you or work at trying to heal the damage you have done?

We are getting closer to Christmas and one story that has been told time and time again this time of year is A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge, the tight-fisted, cold-hearted, calculating wealthy business man, is given another chance to make right and cast a positive shadow. Remember him kneeling by his gravestone after seeing everyone’s disdain and disrespect of him after his death? He was given a chance to correct the errors of his ways.

Unfortunately for many who have not lived a God-centered life, God does not give a second chance. If we are completely honest with ourselves, it is not too difficult to get some idea of the size, length and darkness of the shadow that we are casting and just how enduring it will be.

How to assess your shadow:

1. First and foremost, have you confessed your sins to Jesus and accepted Him as your Lord and Savior?
Do not discount this one, because, you may be leaving a positive shadow for those you leave behind and still suffer the disastrous consequences of not giving your life to Jesus.

2. Ask your wife/husband how you have been as a husband/wife and father/mother?
You may be tempted to discount their words if they are laced with negatives, but they may be the most honest person that you could ask this question.

3. Ask your children what kind of father/mother you have been?
Reassure them that there will not be any repercussions for being honest about the good and bad. Allow them to be bluntly honest. You might want to put your armor on before asking this question…do not, under any circumstances get defensive. That will merely reinforce any negatives they say about you.

4. If you have siblings, ask them what kind of man or woman you have been?
This may be a way to mend fences and to create a relationship that will last your lifetime. Tell them that you want to be better and that you are working at leaving a legacy that matters.

5. Ask God to reveal to you any flaws that need fixing.
I guarantee that the Lord will reveal to you in so many different ways how you can become sanctified in His sight.

For those of you that are single without children do #1, 4, and 5. Add one more. Ask your best friends and business associates.

If you are going to “cast a shadow” beyond the grave, beyond your days, you must invest your time, your money, and your interests in things and people that are outside of yourself.

Keep in mind, that you will not be remembered by what you have kept for yourself – you will be remembered by what you have given away to others!

Write to us and tell us the story of your shadow.

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